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I finally had it with Dish Network, I've had Dish Network for 1 1/2 years now and I've had more complete signal loss issues then I can count most of which occur on clear days with no weather whatsoever sometimes it comes back on it's own after 2-3 hours sometimes I need a tech to come out.

This time though takes the cake, My service went out yet again yesterday in the afternoon the weather about 30 degrees, no wind, blue skies, no precipitation so i did all the troubleshooting I could before calling these nitwits because I really hate calling them you usually get some guy reading out of a book who doesn't seem to be listening all too well with what you are saying for example the tech yesterday Bill after he asked me if I had sever weather and I said no the weather is very good outside he told me to go check for snow build up lol.

So finally he transfers me to someone with brains because his guidebook has no more answers and my next helper Kim goes through the check switch test nothing's wrong there so now Kim tells me wind knocked my satellite out of position, At that time I informed Kim we have had no wind, No harsh weather, Nothing at all that would affect my reception, So then she says ok probably trees then so again I tell Kim the only thing behind my house is the Ocean and last I checked trees don't grow in it.

So kim suggests a tech comes out and says the earliest that can be in 1/30 which is 17 days waiting time LOL then they want to charge me 15 bucks for this guy to come out after I got to wait 17 days for service no way I told her I'm not paying a dime I did not cause this outage why should I have to pay and why should I have to pay some 15 dollar charge when your making me wait 17 days for a service call that's just insane.

So Then I asked Kim if my account will be credited for all these days with no service and she responds No, But offers me Dish pause whatever that is and guess what I gotta pay $5.00 a month for that so either way they suck some kinda money out of you for what I have no doubt is their doing so I told kim I had a better solution she says I'm listening I said let's cancel that tech visit and send me the box and shipping labels so I can send my receiver back and let's go ahead and cancel my account.

Well now Kim expects me to pay $150.00 early termination fee so I tell Kim that won't be happening after my constant service problems they could go ahead and sue me, So Kim says we will just charge it to your credit card on file I said go ahead that card expired 8 months ago and I have a new one already (I cancelled my account after expiration because I didn't like the rates) ha so Kim suggest they will bill my bank account that I used to pay my bill online, I said go for it Kim that account has many safeguards one of which is that I get a phone call from said bank anytime someone tries to charge it for authorization which in this case I won't give so a big FU dish.

I have no doubt that Dish themselves caused this outage just to make an extra buck off me and probably many others, Before Dish I had Directv and I had about 3 outages over my 2 year contract this is in snow, rain, wind whatever, With Dish I had at least over 30 outages easily most in clear, calm weather which is disturbing because that should not happen, Well Dish is history here this morning I tookt heir Dish off my roof and it sits next to my garbage can waiting to go out Tuesday morning, I will be going back to Directv and I won't mind paying an extra 10 bucks for the same package I have now knowing my service will rarely go out, If your thinking about Dish run away fast and if you have Dish and experience outages like me bare in mind it could be Dish themselves doing it just to make more money off you!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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The tech that did the install messed you up. The other tech(s) that came out either:

1) Found one problem, fixed it, your picture came back and they stopped checking for problems.


2) Found one problem, did a B.S. fix that wouldn't hold up over time, your picture came back and they left.

3) You have birds or squirrels or something that keep messing with your dish. (Birds live to sit on the arm)You said there was no wind, but you also said you live on the ocean? On the east coast there's a lot of gusting from the ocean, is that true where you live? Maybe you don't notice a single gust that knocks a poorly installed dish out of alignment?

There are a million things that could be doing it. Bad fittings, loose fittings, RG-59 cable instead of RG-6, a bad box, bad triplexer, bad diplexer, bad electrical outlet, bad cable, split/bend/break in cable, bad ground block, bad LNBF, bad wall plate, a barrel in the line, anything. They may have bad CSRs, everyone seems to nowadays, but a good tech will start at one end, and follow the line at each step until he finds a problem, reapirs it, and keeps going to make sure there are no more.

BTW-you aren't more than 200' of cable away from your dish are you?


Thanks for the advice. I have been a cable subscriber for over 20 years and am forced to switch to satellite due to ridiculous price increases.

I've been struggling with the decision between DISH and DIRECTV for a week now and must make a choice in the next 48 hours. Your post was extremely hepful!

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