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A letter I wrote to dish network. They are horrible....be warned!

Greetings Executive Team,

I switched from Time Warner to Dish four months ago, a decision that I wholeheartedly regret. Dish network's services are not up-to-date as Time Warner services. The picture images are poor and lack HD quality. Recording (DVR) is not as advanced as Time Warner (can't change channels at the same time while you're recording). There are constant problems with the sound going in and out but I have been warned that if I address technical problems with customer service and I elect to replace my box that I would be forced into yet another two year contract.

With that said, I have been keeping up my end of the contract and have paid on time each month.

I am moving this month to Arizona and will not be authorized to install Dish at my future home. Since cable and internet services will be provided I will have no further use for dish services. I have been informed by the seven different "customer service" representatives that I owe varying amounts of money ($350.00, $550.00, and $332.00) to cancel my contract with Dish. Some of these representatives offered that I might send a Dish network installer out to my future home to check for a signal. They offered that if they couldn't locate a proper signal I could potentially be released from my contract. As I indicated earlier, this was not a helpful suggestion as my future landlord had already stated that cable and internet are included in my agreement. And what if they were able to install without a problem? My landlord would then be forced into having a satellite dish after she clearly indicated she didn't want one at all?

Later, I was told I could place my account on hold and it was only after I agreed to do this that the rep explained I would no longer be able to redeem my original plan once the account was reinstated because I had chosen to place my account on hold. The rep explained he was "doing me a favor" by extending this offer to me since it was usually only available to people going on vacation. My train of thought here, wether I am paying $5/month or $65/month, I am still paying for a service that I am unable to use.

I am in the process of moving and I'm sure you can imagine how stressful it was to waste a full day (when I needed to be packing) getting nowhere on the telephone. I just can't see how trapping unhappy customers into two year contracts works for you. You have given your loyal customers no other way than to pay their way out. Dish is the best example of the grossest misrepresentation of what customer service truly means in this country and in these harsh economic times. I in no way plan on ever signing back up with Dish once I have been let out of this nightmare. However, I do plan on forwarding this letter along with a formal complaint to the BBB, and every other organization/person/website I can think of.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

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I agree. I have the same issue, where I am moving will not accept any satellite of any sort.

I was told that I would have to pay $332. I am sending a letter to their corporate office, the BBB and PUC.

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