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Dish NetWork is a ripoff with constant line ups of reruns they are showing constantly. A lot of stuff other suppliers are also a lot of reruns but not like Dish Network, the same stuff shown over again on a daily basis , the stuff the show Sunday will be back on next sunday.

They charge you $ 80.00 per month for 120 channels which is the basic. Cable I found out is $ 81.50 a month and that includes high speed internet. Stay or go to cable.

If you stay are switch to Dish you will pay to much and they will have you tied up to aa two year contract and they will and can go up anytime on you. You quit them and stop paying they send you to a collector, now your check is garnished and you can't afford your house and have to go live in a tent in the woods, don't live in a tent in the woods, stay away from Dish.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

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