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Had it install back May in for two tv was told I could get another box for two more tv. But I call was told no I had to pay fot the box, Then they run a add for the home hold for free I been emailing them about all this still to this day 09/09/2012 no reply.

When I call I get the run around to get me to buy more like insurance for service call $95.00 a year. And pay the tech $15.00 to come out this bull Still they have not try to solve the problem.

Also ha three month's of HBO.SHO,MAX call at the end of term to have it remove but was still billed. They take your money then the _ ell with you

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I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused you. Your initial installatioon is the only installation in which you will qualify for the free for room connection offer.

After the initial installation we may charge you for additional equipment.

Pricing is based on the amount of time you've had service and your payment history. Please email me for further assistance.


Why didn't you get all TVs hooked up in the first place instead of making them come out twice. You only get one chance to free installation.

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