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Customer service is terrible. I called when service was interupted, I pay $146.00 per month, was told it would be 48 hours for a technician. Are they kidding? Then they hung up on me when I said that was unacceptable.

Why would I pay for a service that delivers no customer service, and then hangs up when I challenge them

Dish network sucks. they are worse than cable

I will call Monday and have it replaced. it would rather pay the incomptetent cable idiots than dish network.

Dish was a horrible mistake, i wish I had never used them.

Monetary Loss: $146.


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DanB@Dish Network

Hello, my name is Dan Busa with DISH Social Media.I would like to apologize for the delay in scheduling your repair as well as the poor customer service you received.

I assure you that we do not tolerate our employees treating our customers this way.

I will be more than happy to review your account to see what I can do to assist you.Please send me an email at: Daniel.Busa@DISH.com

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