Do not believe anything any Dish representative tells you.

First they offer $15 discount for signing up to automatic payments but apparently I had to accept their promotion by going online and clicking a button. The fact that I signed up to auto payments over the phone doesn't cut it. (what an ingenious ploy!) Then I have to put up a fight with the rude rep. for 10 minutes until he gets his supervisor to overwrite the bill. He just kept repeating "you did not accept the promotion sir". Why would I not want to accept the promotion?

I check my bill again in two days and no $15 discount for Automatic payments. I called again, and this time another rude representative. They did not resolve the matter...

Second their TV and Internet department are separate. you have to call and deal with the TV department then hang up and call the Internet department.

Third their Internet service is really bad!!! you pay $49 to get 10GB at 5mbs which runs out in 10 days of normal usage an then it drops down to a level where you have to wait 10 sec to open yahoo.com. forget about watching something on youtube... I call about the slow Internet and a few min. later a rep is yelling at me "you signed up to this! we didn't force you so sign up! this is a shared service sir! we have to slow down the speed after some point so that everyone can surf the Internet!" - seriously yelling at me because I complained!!!

Fourth and the worst of all is the 2 year contract. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH DISH NETWORK!!! Apparently there are 2 separate contracts for TV and Internet (not one contract!!!) and if you decide to cancel because of their horrible service they will ask you to pay early termination fee of $18 per month until your contract is up for each service. So $36 for 20 months (total of $720) in my case. I asked them to show me the contract because I don't remember ever signing one... well that's another department which will get back to me in 15 days!

What do I do at this point?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $720.

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