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DISH Network lies to sell you a package and they don;t have the services they promise... When you try to get out of the 2 Year contract, they charge you 2 years worth of monthly fees. Oh if you think you are removing your credit card info from their files, don't be fooled. They keep it and can go back and use it anytime they want... They did it to me...

1. LIE – One HD DVR can be accessed by two rooms

NOT TRUE… My daughter and shared a dual DVR. When I was watching a recorded program, she was not able to watch another recorded program in her room.

2. LIE – Each room accessing the dual DVR will be able to record 2 shows per hour….

NOT TRUE… When I tried to program and record 2 shows at the same time, she was not able to program any shows from her room.

3. LIE – You will be able to program 2 shows per hour…

NOT TRUE… If I have 2 shows slated to record at 9PM and I try to program one at 10PM, I will get a message stating that one of my programs at 9PM will not be recorded…

4. LIE – You will receive the best HD signal…

NOT TRUE – Only one of the rooms containing the dual DVR was able to receive HD programming. The second room is not able to get ANY HD programming even though there was an HD TV in the room.

5. LIE – You will be able to record one show while watching another

NOT TRUE – When I tried to record a program at 3PM one Sunday, and tried to watch something already recorded, I got a message stating that I could not record one and watch another. What's the sense of recording a program if you have to watch it!

You have not lived up to your part of the contract. You did not deliver on your contractual promise. No wonder you are trying to scam consumers by charging them over $400 for cancellation fees... and you can tell your CEO to stop plugging the "let's watch TV" line. It's obviously not true!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Robin Hood Political Action Coalition

Robin Hood Political Action Coalition a.k.a RPAC is an underground movement formed in the wake of continued abuses by Dish Network Corporation towards the American Consumer and the lack of strong Government action towards them.

The main objective of RPAC is to Protect Consumers from Dish Network Corporate Abuses and also to gain valuable intelligence on Dish Network Corporation / Employees / Contractors. The intelligence may include personal information on employees, insider information of their illegal business activities and other related materials in protecting the American Consumer.

This intelligence will be furnished to proactive entities from underground to mainstream entities for peaceful actions. These entities may include Private Investigatory entities, Public legal entities, Government Agencies, Protest Groups, and Media.

RPAC will also liaison with other peaceful movements in conducting lawful protests/surveillance at strategic locations. This may include specifically targeting Corporate Directors / Employees at their places of occupation, residences, and place they associate.

RPAC will publish and distribute a black list of names of Dish Network Corporation Employee Violators throughout its network.

RPAC will also work with non-corrupt Government agency officials with insider information and Witnesses for civil and criminal actions.

RPAC will also provide information to lobby groups for legislative /actions to State and Federal Representatives related to Protecting the American Consumer.

RPAC encourages all its coalition members, supporters and partners to respect the laws and conduct actions peacefully. RPAC also encourages its members to defend themselves and take necessary legal and security steps including personal self defense training from any unlawful reactions by their targets who violate their peaceful actions.

RPAC will also target Dish Networks interests within and outside of its borders continental USA in peaceful and actions while respecting the laws of that nation the operation is taken.


Try gathering a bit more knowledge about the features.


Well, meandmine-instead of replying to Gfab with a somewhat useless as well as condescending overtone,and since by your own admission you have been able to master a process he has not-it would seem more to the point of putting proof to ur claim (as well as neighborly)if you were to provide some directions, or reference a link for the instructions on the DISH site, or a page # in the manual describing how to achieve this quadruplet option. Otherwise your claim is rather pointless.

(But then I guess that assures it matches your other posts regarding complaints w/DISH I've seen thus far...since you profess so much but with little shown proof thus far...I'm wondering by the way if you have any SPECIFIC recommendations for solutions to erroneous DISH billing & their lack of response to REPEATED notifications of same, other than the obvious notifications to State Attorney General, the BBB, & the FTC et al-if u have some specific wisdom to share that might lead to a cure, I'm all ears.)Thanks -in advance if you follow through with viable details. 8)


you just don't know what you are doing. I have a HD DVR that works 2 rooms.

I can watch a recorder program in both rooms and record 2 more shows AT THE SAME TIME. You just need some education on how to use your equipment

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