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I have dish and lost MSG in a contract dispute, since I live in Buffalo this means no Sabres Hockey. The end of October I had an employee of dish tell me it had been settled and I'd have the channel back that night.

The next day was told oh sorry they were misinformed. It's been over 2 months and still not settlement. When I call them I get simple planned responses. They basically tell me tough luck we have an agreement and we can take channels away whenever we want.

In the mean time I'm paying for a channel I'm not getting. Dish Network Sucks big time stay away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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I have had dish network for two weeks now. The only reason I switched to dish from directv was because of the new hopper system dish came out with.

I had been happy with directv for 6 years I have a large house and like the idea of having 6 tv's that I could watch recorded shows from any tv with the new hopper system I started service in the beggining of march I called customer service and specifically told them I wanted the hopper system they replied it was not yet available. I told them I would wait until it was and they replied that it would be better to join now because existing customers will get the hopper 1st and that it would be the same price if not cheaper than if I was to wait to start service until the hopper came out. I found out that the hopper is now available and that new customers that have the top 200 or higher get it free, i have the top 250 package. I just called dish and told them I was ready for the hopper when I noticed it came out.

After going through 4 representatives I was told it would cost me over $1200. I told them what I was promised when I started service and they just kept saying I'm not eligible. This company straight lied to me on numerous occasions now. After I was informed It would cost over $1200 I told them to just cancel my service they are saying they are canceling my service but charging me $420 plus $17.50 per receiver to ship them back.

The real kicker Is I never signed any, not a one of there contracts, when they came to install service they had some guy that was working on my house sign the contract. Does anyone out there know if they can do this even though they do not have a written contact with me?

and the verbal contract was Broken by dish network. I am so upset with this companies ethics I will have the dish network represtntitivr in my state served and I am going to file a small case claims against the company: it's probably not worth my time and money but I feel like if I do nothing I will let them continue to cheat others and I am willing to put in the time and money to take a stand against the fraud of dish network.



My name is Ray Calo with Dish Network. I apologize for the inconvenience of losing this channel. I have provided a link to the progress of the negotiation and where you can provide your input to the situation: If there is anything else I can do for you, please contact me at

Thank you.

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