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I will start with the install. First of all, the guy that came to my house was totally unprofessional.

Five minutes of being in my house and he called his "lying ***" wife. After the phone call was over he explained that his wife cheated on him, he beat the guy up and now has a restraining order (YES!! Just who I want in my house) Then asked about my maritial status and more about myself ( because clearly I want to date you) and then he went on and bragged about how much he made installing these dishes blah, blah ,blah. Whatever I can deal with some skeezy guy and just roll my eyes but after my first night of TV viewing I was thinking wow this stinks!!

Reception was very spotty at best and the channels I assumed would come with (basic cable) did not so I call dish and was like hey I had this installed yesterday but I just want to cancel. The guy said I could not because I signed a 2 year contract. I asked about the 30 day trail period that was advertised on TV and he said they never offered that. Uhhh I am pretty much sure I have seen that commercial a million times but he said I must have been mistaken.

At this point i am annoyed so I am like " I am not paying for service that I can't watch!" He told me " you have satelite TV mam, what did you expect?" Now I am just mad and asked be transfered to his manager. After 30 mintues the manger comes on the phone and tells me that it is my choice if I want to cancel but there is a $420 fee to do so. Whaaaat? I have had this service less then 48 hours.

So I just have him lower my package to the lowest possible and call it day.

I was so frustrated, I was shaking! So now I am stuck with shabby reception, a DVR that manages to record random things I never asked it but always misses my shows, and a bill that increases just for the fun of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Package.

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I came across your post and just wanted to let you know that we would love to have you with us! Have you considered giving our service a try?

Feel free to check us out at for some information about our pricing and promotions and let me know if you have any questions as I'd be happy to provide assistance! My email address is and I hope to hear from you!



It would be my pleasure to help you with this situation as I can understand your concern with the any incorrect information being given! In order for me to review everything and see what I can do to get this all straightened for you, I would encourage you to email me your account number. My email address is and I will enjoy the opportunity of getting this resolved.



It would be my pleasure to look into this for you and get it straightened out if you could please email me your account number! I found your situation interesting, so I'd like to take a look. My email address is and your efforts are appreciated!


We are having similar issues with Dish Network. We got the service less than 48 hours ago and I cannot believe the lies they told to get us to use their service.

We have been lied to about pricing. We were given one price to have it be another and found out that instead of the price quoted for after the 12 month special is up we will be paying more than we were with Time Warner with less service. We have called them probably 20 times to try to get things straightened out and they agree that we were lied to but not willing to do anything about it. I HATE Dish Network!!!

Was trying to save money since Time Warner is raising prices but all I did was cost myself money and create alot of unneeded drama in my life!!!

Whatever you do DON'T believe their lies and get sucked in. The price quoted will NOT be your price and they will raise it within the first hour like they did ours!!!


Welcome to DirectTV! A living ***!

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