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Im literally at the end of my rope. October 3rd i bought a new phone and instantly realized i had been assigned a recycled number.

I brgan receiving calls ftom dish network about my past due account of $872. 30 calls in 3 weeks. Ive explained and explained im not the woman theyre looking for. Im a guy.

Dont know her. Its obvious theres an account tied to this phone number from before i had the number. They always take my info and assure me my number is removed from their system. Alwsys by the next day theyre calling again.

I used the call filter in my android security app yo block their number. They started calling from a different number. Theyve called and awakened me srveral times.

Given the frequency of their calling this constitutes harassment. Id like to se everyone worldwide begin calling all of dish networks numbers constantly nonstop for a month straight and see how they like it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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Littleton, Colorado, United States #914377

Dear Sir,

Thank you for bringing to this our attention and I'd love to help you straighten it out if you could please email me your phone number at!

Arizona, United States #892751

You got a recycled number, they legally have thirty days from the time it is first reported. So, calm down there killer, don't get your panties in a twist.

to SatelliteFan #892757

Well the jailhouse lawyer has spoken. Made a call to my state attorney general today.

Seems they agree with me plus its been over 30 days. In this state we have a law that says a verbal agreement is a legal and binding contract. Last night they guaranteed me i would receive no more calls. Today ring ring ring ring.

We also have another law here regarding recording calls and conversations. You can record them and at no time do you have to tell the other party.

Sooooooo you can hear dish loud and clear making the guarantee. Theyre really not untouchable.

Arizona, United States #892288

It can take up to 30 days for the removal to take place.

to Satellite fan #892290

From where did they dig up your sympathetic a.sss kissing self from. F.uck 30 days.

Ive never had a dish account do dont bring some g.oddamn welfare recipping w.hores $872 past due account to my f.ucking doorstep to begin with.

How about that? Hmmmmmmmm??????

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