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On August 30, 2015 I received this letter accompanied with way too much reading!

it makes me very angry! Please read…


Dear Customer,

We recently made changes to your Residential Customer Agreement with DISH. One of the changes adds an arbitration provision that requires you to use either arbitration or small claims court, not a jury trial, to resolve any legal disputes with DISH. The details of the arbitration provision are provided below.

You may opt out of this arbitration provision by providing written notice to DISH within 30 days. The details are provided in Section 12(H) below, and a form that you can use to opt out is available at

The most recent version of the Residential Customer Agreement, which incorporates the arbitration provision along with the other changes, can be viewed at

Thank you for being a DISH customer,



People, this is just plain wrong!

They did not present an agreement, it's a revision based on what they and perhaps their attorney decided they could try so that we (their customers) will not be able to use the legal system against them. It literally locks us into only being able to litigate on their terms. They call it an "arbitration agreement" and that's pretty much all we would be able to do.

But worst of all is that this is something they should be asking us if we want to "opt into". Instead they are saying that the decision has been made and we need to "opt out". So we need to fill out a form, prepare and envelope address it and then put a stamp on it just so that we can have our rights back and disagree with them.

What they are trying to do is use "lack of response" by the customers as a "yes" vote. As though we actually agreed even though we might not have even read what they are trying to do. A very selfish move!

And suppose our family does to "opt out". It doesn't mean that all the other customers will be given the vision or transparency to also "opt out".

What happens then?

What happens is that they have managed to underhandedly reduce(perhaps virtually eliminate) the number of people who could file a class-action lawsuit if need be. And the class-action lawsuit has always been our most powerful against these types of companies!

Ultimately customers should have been presented with this information and asked if they wanted to "opt in"! But obviously dish network did not go this route because who in their right mind would give them a license to do whatever they wanted to do without reprimand or accountability.

They are a very shady company using this approach! They are playing games with the legal system and it's absolutely bad!

Our lack of response (not preparing an envelope) should not mean...

"Yes Take Away Our Rights"!

And if we let them get away with it our legal system will perceive it as "history" and others will be able to do the same.

I believe they have already done something which is illegal! They have taken away our rights!

Reason of review: Outside the Law.

Preferred solution: Eliminate the August 30, 2015 adverse "Arbitration Provision". It only mutilates public's opinion of Dish Network's upper management! What are they thinking?.

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You could just switch to their competition who already has enacted the arbitration agreement, or you can stop complaining about an industry standard that is not a big deal.

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