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We have not had two local channels for several months now, and are wondering when these will be available again. We apparently are not receiving a credit on our bill for their issues, not ours. If we are being charged for these channels, we would expect to get them, or DISH should issue a credit for their breaking of the contract. These two channels are Local channels 4 and 59 out of Indianapolis Maybe it is time to go to another provider, as...
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I didn't like
  • Did not deliver what they promised
  • Breach of contract
  • Loss of premium channels
On June 12th of 2016 the Seattle area lost some of our local channels because of a dispute between Dish and Tribune Broadcasting.Now, a month and a half later, we still do not have them back. One of the channels is our local Fox 13, which not only has several shows my husband and I watch but also will be the station that gives us access to the NFL Seahawk games. I have written to each party involved. I have read both sides of the conflict and I...
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Anonymous I live in the Seattle area and have lost several great stations one of which is Fox Q13. Not only do I watch their local news and several other shows, they have taken away our...


Anonymous I am equally frustrated. I'm new to the Memphis area and after signing up learned that CBS and NFL network were dropped. Both side point fingers at each's frustra...

They told me I was a pay in advance customer and refused the 2 day extension.Plus since I would not let them take directly from my account on auto pay because they double charged me the first month. they charged me a additional $15.00 month. I'm canceling my service they also had me pay a 200 dollar deposit they just told me that it will not go towards early cancellation fee I'm writing the attorney general and anyone else who has to deal with...
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Dish Network Americas Top 120 Tv Package Review

All i wanted was root sports northwest to watch Mariner games which is the local team. So that should come with your basic package. But NO i have to upgrade my package plus add the multi sports package when all i want is the one channel that should be on the local list! Basically i would have to pay an extra 20 bucks a month to watch my local baseball team. Complete BS
inhave been a dish customer for 9 years, we never upgraded or changed our package during that time.As I had a baby on the way we were looking at ways to cut cost, or initial bil was about 115 with movie channels after taxes and fees. So we dropped the movie channel. I was shocked when I was then charged 97.48 on my next bill, so we called to have our package down graded, I thought to the 69 dollar package, but they told me that was in fact an...
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