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I had Dish installed in March 2014 through to July 2016. I moved home as my husband was laid off. I 'paused' service'. Then called to cancel it after 3 months passed. I was told that as I had 'UPGRADED" my equipment by adding another box, that I was contracted until November 2017. So my options are pay $280 or have a TV installed in a temporary residence until we move again, and then install it in our next residence, then cancel in...
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Anonymous They clearly tell you that your contract is extended when adding any equipment to your service. You are the *** that didn't pay attention. What does telling us about your husb...

I didn't like
  • Hidden contract fees in upgrades
They collect billions of dollars each month (figure it out, I am paying $148/mo and they have millions of subscribers). They have now stopped 2 of my local channels because of their greed. They are in violation of my contract with them, but I don't seem to be able to bail out of the contract they have reneged on without going to an attorney. STAY AWAY FROM DISH NETWORK!!!! I would select no stars except this application requires that I...
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Before the conversation was over I was so upset and on the *** of crying. I told him to set me up with the least expensive package until I can purchase a new tv and get rid of cable permanently. I have been a customer of dish network for 10 years. Over that time I have contacted them numerous times for various issues. There customer service representatives have always been kind and helpful but Mitchell took the cake for rudeness. I will be...
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