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We had Time Warner Cable as our internet provider, and Dish sales got us to 'bundle' our internet with them. We already had Dish TV, so it sounded good - right....

wrong. We explained to Dish that we use internet for Netflix and some email. They said no problem!!! Then after the internet was installed - everything got slower and slower...

Dish then sold us MORE bandwidth... still slow, still not working most of the month. Many call to Dish..... Dish 'management' told us that it was basically our fault for using up our bandwidth on a movie - 1 HD movie uses HALF the monthly allotment.

Then to cancel they wanted 400$ after less than 2 months of poor service.

No wonder so many hate Dish.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Google 'Department of Justice investigates cable companies data caps with Netflix' or 'doj cable companies and online video streaming' and you will see this is a huge problem! Netflix is serious competition for the cable companies!

Very low rate and a LOT of people are canceling their cable TV and only keeping Internet so they can stream content. Yet the same company providing the Internet service is the same schmoe that just got dumped to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and YouTube. Millions canceling cable TV at alarming rates in this age when it's just too fkkcing expensive to pay another $50-$100 more just for TV that you can get for $8/mo . You get the idea, the cable companies are putting the gddmned squeeze on Internet streaming and purposely fkkcing it up, no joke, espescially Verizon FiOS that owns 1/2 of RedBox.

NetFlix competitor.

- True, they eff up the Internet streaming, blame it on Netflix then talk you into buying more broadband. They're panicking and bleeding money!

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