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I called The dish at least three times to make sure they would not debit my account $262.00 for cancellation fees as I was going to restart my service on July 22nd and that was the date they wanted to take out the cancellation fee. Of course I called and said I would pay them the $196.00 I owed on the 22nd as that is the date I got paid and the date they wanted to take out the cancellation fees.

They said yes they would notate the account and nothing would be taken out as long as I paid them on the 22nd. So I get up on the 22nd call them up in the morning to make a payment and they had already debited the account. They are dishonest and now I must wait to be refunded the $70.00 they owe me. The customer service is dishonest and horrible.

Why say one thing and do another. As soon as my contract is up, I am disconnecting them permanently.

The Dish is not worth the hassle or the money, they will debit you even if you have talked to them and made arrangements. How do they get away with this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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This is straight out of the first page of the commitment paperwork that is available to all on the website at Under customers agreements and polices. not hidden info. fyi.

Length of Commitment:

24 months

No term Non-refundable Activation Fee (must be paid prior to installation):


$99.00 Cancellation Fee: If prior to the end of your term commitment, your service is disconnected for any reason or you downgrade your programming below a Required Minimum Programming Package (as defined below), and all programming and other charges for your term commitment have not yet been paid in full, you agree to pay, and we will automatically charge, a cancellation fee to your DISH account or your Qualifying Card (as defined below), at our option.

Prorated by multiplying $17.50 by the number of months remaining in your term commitment. Maximum cancellation fee is $420.



I was not cancelling my service with Dish Network. I was late on payment.

Dish said they would debit my card if I did not restart my service. I called before the 22nd, told them I wanted to restart service and would pay them on that date. Their customer service told me to call in on the 22nd to make my payment and that my card would not be debited.

It was debited more than what it should be because I restarted my service not cancelled it. So now I must wait for my own money to be reimbursed to me that wasnt theirs to beging with.


because so many people cancel their account and leave a big balance then never pay, the cable companies will charge your debit/credit card as soon as they know your cancelling with a balance. this way they are more probable to get their money before you cancel your card. if they wait too long they will have to rely on a collection agent who might not even get any money.

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