El Sobrante,California
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I couldn't even return equipment without a hastle, they promised to send boxes only to reply "this is computer controlled" sorry, can't help but we will charge your credit card. We're moving, service cancelled but returning equipment, what they don't want is the equipment, ythey want to bill!

I was promised 7-10 days, then, after 10 days, it would be another week, then, oops, a holiday then "the computer" controlls this, we can't do anything but if you don't act, you will be billed and you credit damaged.

The idea that we called weeks ago, doing the right thing and now loading a truck to move is of no concern. Stop loading and take care of "DISH", it is your responsibility, we certainly aren't doing anything we promised.

AVOID Dish, you will be sorry!

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize it took so long to get boxes sent to you. Since we go through a separate company to deliver boxes we are not always able to control when they arrive. We us UPS and have to go by their schedule so if there is a holiday or some other unforeseen reason we do not have control over it. We make every effort to get you the return boxes in a timely manner.

If it does take awhile you are able to send them back in any box you have or get. We can always provide the address to ship them to as well as email you a return shipping label.

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