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I signed up with Dish Network to save money. The problem is their product and their service is sub-par.

I was told by the sales representative that I could have an entire house hooked up, with one receiver and be able to record multiple stations at once, and control it all from one device. A whole house system. When they installed it, it wouldn't work, we had to change the type of device. It wasn't one control for the whole house, it is two boxes that don't hook together.

I can record two things at once, but I have to be watching one of them to record two things at once. They can "upgrade" me to a different device for an additional fee, but that only records 3 specific channels that they choose and two others of my choosing, one of which I have to be watching to record it. So, really the same as without their upgraded system. THEY DIDN'T TELL ME ABOUT THE LIMITATIONS OF THEIR PRODUCT!

They purposefully misled me to believe I could record 6 stations at my leisure and didn't mention these limitations when I inquired about their product. So, my recording options are seriously limited. I would like to cancel their terrible service, only now I am stuck in a 24 month contract, and I am only two weeks into the contract. With any other product, if I don't like it or it doesn't perform as stated, I can take it back.

I think that cable/dish tv should be the same. Even if I only tried it for 1 day, I would still be unable to "take it back." Of course, they didn't tell me this when I signed up either. It is a scam, of sorts. They tell you it will do all these wonderful things, then you get the service and it doesn't perform according to what they say.

They try to sell you further options to make it what you expected, but it still falls short and you are then stuck in a contract.

Help!! I don't want money back, just not to have to pay the early termination fee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $420.

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DanB@Dish Network

Hey Tj, this is Dan Busa with DISH social media. I'm sorry for any miscommunication that may have occurred at the onset of your services. From the sound of it I think you were initially trying to sign up for the Hopper but for whatever reason didn't receive the right receiver. The Hopper is our newest receiver and our only whole home DVR. This receiver has a feature called Prime Time Anytime which allows you to record all four of your major local networks on one tuner during prime time. These networks include ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. This feature can be enabled or disabled at the customer's discretion. It allows customers to record up to 6 shows at once during Prime Time hours. Outside of prime time hours or with the PTAT feature disabled it can record three live feeds at once. However if you have four TV's you may be able to get two hoppers which will link together and allow you to record up to 6 shows at once at any time for the same monthly rate. I will be more than happy to look over your account history to see what happened and what can be done to correct the issue, please email me for assistance at: Daniel.Busa

Daniel Busa

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