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Dish network Sales people gave me a verbal and written guarantee (via live chat) for a package at a fixed price. They later changed the price.

On Dec 22, 2011 approximately 10:00PM Central time,chatted with Live assistance via internet with Noralyn (ID: K6A)

*K6A Quoted Top200 and one Nepali Channel "Kantipur" with a guaranteed price of $62.99

On Dec 23, 2011 approximately 9:00AM Central time

* Chatted with Live assistance Kenneth (ID: GHO)

*GHO Quoted Top200 and one Nepali Channel "Kantipur" again with a Guaranteed price of $62.99 + $99 one time rebate-able charge for a sling adapter.

*After all the credit checks had been completed, GHO tells me that Kantipur channel cannot be added to my account but he wants to go ahead and finalize my order without the requested Kantipur channel.

*I dispute and I insisted that he should take the responsibility to setup all channels.

* He guaranteed me that the quoted monthly price of $66.99 will not change after making the call

* While GHO was online, I called 1-800-333-3474 to add Kantipur channel. The operator charged me $10 per month to add the Kantipur Channel and confirmed that the installers will come with all shipments needed to get T200 and Kantipur

On December 24, 2011 Installers arrive without dish for international Kantipur channel therefore I did not allow installation

*I called Dish immediately and talked with a customer service. I was then transferred to Operator ID RMG.

*He indicated that the reason Kantipur channel was not added to the work order was because I need to add International package for additional $10 above other monthly price that was agreed previously. I disagreed... so he gave me credit of $10 per month for the next 12 months. He guaranteed that the installers will come with dish for Top200 and International Kantipur channel the next day (on December 25). I know after 12 months, I'll still lose additional $10 per month as the credit is only for the first 12 months!! Anyway, I agreed to proceed.

On December 24, 2011 approximately 3:30 PM Central time, I received email from Dish Network confirming installation on December 25 but the order again does not contain Kantipur international channel

*I called Dish Network again at 4:00PM and talked to a lady (I believe ID was RNC). She looked at my account and said Kantipur channel was not in the account and it's not in the work order for December 25. She says I now need to sign up for one of the international core package before kantipur channel can be added to my account.... the cheapest being $24 additional per month.

* I disagreed because GHO had already quoted and guaranteed me a monthly price of $62.99 for me to get what I requested. GHO also guaranteed me that I will not be required to purchase any other packages. I told RNC over the phone that I have written evidence of the Live Chat if she wanted to review.

After spending nearly 12 hours getting the account setup, dealing with the installers, and multiple phone calls to Dish, I was fed up. The guaranteed price was not guaranteed. It's bait and switch tactic that Dish Network was trying to use to gouge consumers by guaranteeing one price while charging higher fees. If indeed Kantipur channel cannot be purchased without adding another higher pay package, then their employees are clueless in disclosing it over Live Chat and over the phone for customer to make the right decision. Even multiple supervisors that I talked to were not able help resolve the issue. They get consumer locked into the program and then with a bang, gotcha with a higher fees.

* I demanded via BBB compliant that that Dish Network stop this bait and switch practice. I offerred to have all the recorded chats, calls, and emails to them but Dish Network refuses to accept them for review.

* I demanded that all the charges that were charged to my credit card be reversed immediately

* I demanded that the credit check that Dish Network performed with a false promise and false intent (bait and switch) be reversed / removed from my credit history as it placed another inquiry mark impacting credit score - Dish Network says they are still right because I authorized them to check my credit even when they very well knew they got my permission with a false bait and switch promise as documented in my recorded chat and recorded phone line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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The same thing just happened to me too, i was quoted one price when i signed up for dish and now they tell me it is going to be higher..

In short dish is not what they pretend to be, can't wait until my contract is up, because they suck as honest company!!!!!!!!!!!!

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