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I have been a loyal customer of Dish Networks for over 8 years. In February I noticed that Direct TV offered more channels & better pricing. My contract had expired over a year ago and I wanted to see if they had an specials that were as good as Direct TV's or better. After speaking to a customer rep he persuaded me to stay with them & upgraded to there America's top 250 package for a total of $63.72 including tax which was guaranteed for the 2 year term of the contract. I asked him several times if he was sure this price was guaranteed for the two year period and he assured me it was.

The installer came to my home installed all the equipment & had me sign the paper work at the last minute as he was leaving. I asked for a copy and he said they would send me one which was fine by me. It is now seven months later and my bill has was increased by 6 dollars on the seventh month. I called to have this corrected and no customer rep could help or customer specialist either. Finally I asked to speak to a manager and Wow what a rude person this guy was. He preceded to tell me he had no idea why I was even getting a discount in the first place. I told him that I was going to switch to Direct TV because they had better pricing and more channels. He said that I was only getting the 6 dollar credit for 6 months. I said why would they give it to me for 7 months now and stop. I told him this price of $63.72 was guaranteed for the length of my contract as long as I stayed with Dish. He said I was wrong and that I would only get 4 more months of the remaining credits and that my price would go to $82.99 a month plus tax. I asked to speak to someone else and he said that there is no one else I can speak with.

Not only have they increased my price after 7 months but they tell me its going to increase again after the 12th month. If I had known they were going to pull this Bull *** I would have left and went with Direct TV with more programs and better prices. I figured I would pay a little more and not have to deal with the change. What a mistake that was. I would not recommend doing business with this company. So much for customer loyalty and customer service. This company is terrible!!! Go somewhere else!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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