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I have had them around 3 years.I paid my bill days before it was even due the customer service rep typed my banking account number in wrong without my knowledge and then they cut my upper channels off.When I called they were rude and didnt care that it wasnt even due.They told me that i would have to pay my bill up even though they were at fault.I had to drive 50 mile round trip to put money on my card before they would even turn it back on.I would do without tv before i would have them again!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Dish changed my plan 3 times in less than the 'guaranteed 12 month price, increasing the price each time.

I called asking why so and did they (dish) have the legal right to also start services I did not request, then bill me.

Their reply: "Read the pink slip you sign when having your service installed. It explicitly says Dish has the right to change services and amounts at any time." And why do so, "Because we can."

What a bunch of crooks. Advertising for a certain amount for 12 months is false advertising. Dish changes whenever.

Rudest customer service people I've ever spoken to.

linda mc


You can't say *** on this website? Why ***out the word ***? It is the same as dumb.


Dish Has billed me in advance too, plus when their crappy, refurbished equipment breaks down and you need to exchange it, they seem to automatically put a $300.00 unreturned equipment charge on the bill, and it will STAY on the bill even when plenty of time has gone by, when they should have gotten it back. On my bill, I paid the bill amount, yet the next day, my service was turned off!

Then they said I had to pay more to have the service restored! I paid $79.00 more, and the service came back on. Later, when I check my online billing, it said I had a $79.00 CREDIT BALANCE, with NO BALANCE DUE! Next bill I got, said I owed $445.00!

I was shocked! I called Customer Service, and was told it was my past due amounts that had built up! How could I have past due amounts when I last had a ZERO balance? I checked my bill and saw that there was a $300.00 charge for UNRETURNED EQUIPMENT!

SUDDENLY, OUT OF THE BLUE! I sent in all equipment! Why were they telling me it was from past due amounts I owed, when right there on their OWN SYSTEM, it said it was for unreturned equipment! I even called the main DISH office, and spoke with Gina Ashcroft (I KNOW, huh?) She started off nice, but then came off with the same *** story about past due amounts I owed!

Never mind, that my last bill was a ZERO BALANCE!


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