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I hope that no one else has to ever deal with the rude inconsiderate disrespectful customer service employees but especially the supervisors @ DISH NETWORK!!! He was so mean & disrespectful that by time I got off the phone I was crying & very upset.

After they added an extra $30 to my bill I called to find out why. I got told that a credit that was showing in my accout "fell off in August & left a balance of $30 which was then added to this month". Then I got told that my bill was now $108/month but last month I was told my balance was $56 (which I paid). My bill showed $78.

Which $78 is what I was told several months ago that it would be after removing/down grading programing about 3months ago, It was correct for only 2 months, until last month anyway. When I questioned these amounts & asked what my bill would be after paying yet again a different amount of $89 (that way I had no more surprises). The dish rep stated that the "credit of $30 fell off my account back in August" but even thou the customer rep knew this I was still told to pay a lower amount in Sept. (That was not mistake that was Dishes problem) After I explained to the rep that I am on disability & can NOT afford $108 a month I asked if Dish had any specials or promotions goin on & I was told (& I quote) "If you were a better Dish Customer & If your services had not been interrupted monthly for last 2 or 3 months you would not be paying 2 or 3 times more than other customers.

& then We would be able to offer you specials & special pricing on our programming." It doesnt matter that I have been a customer for over 6years now or that I asked Dish 3 months ago to please change the due date on my account from the 5th of the month to the 27th due to the fact that I am on disability & only get 1 check a month. It doesnt even matter that it took Dish 2 billing cycles for date change to take effect. Then I was told that I have to pay the $108 before he could even check to see if there were any specials or promotions available. But in the same sentence stated that he couldnt do anything but lower my package down from top 200 to the top 120 & my bill would then be $94/month.

So now I would lose even more channels & yet I have pay more than the original bill amount of $78/month.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I am on retirement making one paycheck of $1700/month, and I get by just fine, with the top Dish package and a mortgage.

to Anonymous #1046007

Well nothing personal but retirement & disability are 2 completely different things and definitely 2 different amounts. I would be doing good to if they wouldve change the due date amd been less rude/hateful.

to charlene6708 Mesa, Arizona, United States #1046115

My retirement is disability from the Army. They are one and the same.

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