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Got Dish Network installed in Oct of 09 in our apt in Wilkes Barre. The price was right, and they were able to install immediately. Everything was absolutely wonderful for the first year.

Fast forward almost a year to the day of our initial install. On Oct 1, 2010, Dish Network dropped the MSG networks. See, the problem with that, is that it's pretty much the only *** channel I watch. After speaking with people on the phone, and several of their online support personnel, I realized that not only would I never get a straight answer about the situation, but they were indeed just copy and pasting the same thing, or reading from the same notes over and over. They offer free NHL Center Ice for the month of Oct, but all the Rangers games were blacked out, since where I live is considered local market for the Rangers. I was assured by someone at Dish that if I PURCHASED the Center Ice package for almost 200 bucks that the games wouldn't be blacked out. Yeah. Right.

On Dec 1, we moved about 15 miles from our apartment. I called Dish Network to have a dish installed on our home, and was told it would cost $100 dollars. Now, they want $165 to terminate our contract. I'm not happy. Might as well spend the extra $65 and get rid of them. At this point I put our account on pause, so we aren't racking up major debt to these crooked crooked people.

So, I find out the the idiots at Directv want 400 dollars to drop off a couple of receivers (there's already a dish on the house for them), the the people at Comcast can't seem to find our house. I get back online with Dish Network. I find out that the first *** I spoke with about putting our account on hold never did it. The next genius I speak with tells me that it's on hold now. (Still not sure if it is or not) I remind them that not only do I pay extra money every month for a 'service plan', but they have commercials on TV that say 'Moving is free and easy with Dish Network'. The service plan has no effect on moving. The free and easy moving is only for qualified accounts. Ok... what do I have to do to get qualified? Oh... it's a random rotation. You'll just have to wait and check back.


Ok... fine... you win... I'll pay the 100 bucks to get my dish hooked up. Wait... what? Yeah, they won't come install unless I pay them what little is on the account. I explain that I'll be happy to pay the account in full, once our televisions are hooked up and working. They tell me sorry, unless I pay them, they won't even think about installing.

A bunch of crooks. Nothing but a headache for the last 3 months. I swear, their customer service is JUST as bad as the morons over at Directv.

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I am in the Executive Office and I have resources available to me that our other agents may not have. As I explained in my previous post, I would be happy to look at your account to see if I can find a resolution to this matter for you. If you would provide your account information to my email address, I, personally, will look at your account and contact you to discuss any options that may resolve this issue for you.

Ray Calo

DISH Network, Executive Offices


I've just set up a website for those of us who are having issues with Dish Network go to You will be prompted to register, there is no fee, after that you can post you comments to the site. I will do my best to make sure Dish Network sees them all.


Ray... If you can explain to me here why you are better equipped to fix my situation than the knuckle dragging Neanderthals at the call center, be my guest.

I'm sure you're just going to feed me the same cookie cutter bull that the rest of the Dish Network staff has given me, including those that graduated from the 3 Day Dish Network Supervisor College. Maybe you can even explain to me that I got an email from Dish stating that my service has been disconnected, and to call, and less than 6 hours later, I get a tracking number for a box to return my equipment. Maybe you can explain why I have to pay the early disconnect fee, when your company was the one that disconnected me. Maybe you can explain to me why I was told by some sister loving redneck supervisor that Dish would just take the money out of my bank account, and that even though I don't have autopay, I signed a contract stating Dish could just take money from me whenever they feel like?

I don't remember signing anything like that. Maybe you can also explain to me when I asked this same supervisor once again how to qualify for free moving, I heard crickets over the line. HE COULDN'T ANSWER ME. He had zero idea what I might need to do in order to qualify for free moving.

And he's a supervisor? When I told him to put me on the phone with his boss, he refused... over and over, until I got frustrated and hung up. Seems to be a common theme with the idiots who work for Dish.

Meg; Email me at I have some info that may be useful.


Don't bother talking to Ray. I have the same problem with msg in Buffalo.

Tried talking to him and got the same cannned copy and paste response.

My mother is 72 years old and can't watch the sabres and all they tell her is tough luck you have a contract and we can change or cance channels anytime we want without notice, but you have to keep paying. Do what I do I've told everyone I know that dish network sucks and when I get those sign up a friend coupons I throw them out.



I can understand your frustration in this matter. Apparently you have talked to several customer service agents over the past several months. I would be happy to look at your account to see if we can find a solution to this matter. You can email me at

Ray Calo

DISH Network

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