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Scam 1: When you cancel they will tell you that you owe money for early cancellation, betting that you won't have or look at old contract date. Won't back down until you fax contract to them!

Scam 2: When they figure they owe you a refund, they will send you statements with amount they owe you.

They do not send a check. When you call, they will apologize and say it is on its way.

After a year, they void the refund and keep the money. I have called several times to talk to a supervisor and the phone connection strangely goes dead when the supervisor gets on.

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I cancell amy DISH NETWORK
I paid you on the 2/2/12 I want to known if I will get a refund?
I'm sending back your equipment as of tomorrow? :)


It can be very frustrating getting things squared away sometimes, and I would be happy to provide more information.

On Early Cancellation fees, it would only be brought up if there was a commitment on the account. Various things can extend the contract like upgrades on equipment, and some special promotions like HD Free for Life.

If the remaining balance on an account is from a payment made that will be refunded upon request; or, if disconnected, immediately. If a credit balance remaining is from programming then no refund will be submitted.

If you'd like you can send me an email at and I can review your account and get more information for you.

Tommy Faust

DISH Network Executive Offices

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