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We had Dish for cable and ended up moving before our contract expired. Upon moving, the tech came out to install the satellite and said there was no line of sight. He was unable to place the equipment and advised us we will need to cancel. My husband asked him if we can have the fee waived since we wanted to keep Dish, but due to having no line of sight, we were being forced to terminate. The tech told us to call Dish and ask for a waiver. I called Dish to request the waiver on the early termination fee. He told me that the fee had been waived. He also informed me to return the equipment.

Today, two months later, I received an email notifying me that Dish charged my credit card $346 for an early termination fee! I called them, and the first CSR said that there were no notes on my account about a waiver. He stated that I AGREED to a waiver. I recounted my conversation about the waiver to him, and he transferred me to a "Specialist." The Specialist told me the same thing - there is only a note saying I agreed to the ETF. I explained that I definitely did not and that a CSR told me it had been waived. She said there was nothing she could do but restart my service, send out a tech, and once he verified that there was no line of sight, she could waive the fee. I repeated what she said to me to make sure I understood that they wanted to REPEAT what had already been accomplished. I told her I had already been charged after being told the fee would be waived and that I wanted a refund. She transferred me to The Office of the President.

I spoke with Marco, who at first seemed like he might be helpful. I explained my situation and told me that Dish said the fee would be waived. He continued to repeat that there were no notes on the account stating that and my contract was still valid. I stated that they have recorded calls and to pull the recordings. He wouldn't address this. He said there was no way to waive the charges and apologized for the "misinformed employee" that promised me a waiver. I told him that makes TWO misinformed employees because the lady that transferred me to him told me of a concoction to waive the fee.

After nearly crying with frustration, Dish refused to honor what their own CSR promised to me when we cancelled. I am so disappointed. I was a loyal Dish customer up until this time. Had I never been told that the fee would be waived, I would not expect it. However that is TERRIBLE business practice to not honor what your employees say - mistakes or otherwise. I will NEVER do business with Dish again. I don't care if they are the last cable/satellite company on earth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $346.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I'm sorry to hear about this situation and would love to help you if I could please get your account number and PIN at so I can review your information! I look forward to your follow-up.

Enterprise, Alabama, United States #878548

Yes I was just did like this today ! I've cries and handed the situation to god ,I wouldn't be surprised if dish network went completely out of earth business.

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