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I just called dish network to cancel my service. I received an offer from Directv that was significantly better than my dish network pricing (more than $60/month).

They transferred me to the recovery team that tries to save customers that are cancelling. The representative started trashing directv and saying that dish network was better. I told him that I appreciated his comments, but that I had already had the service installed and that I was not going to have directv come back out and uninstall the service. He offered me a $15/$20 & $30 monthly discount on my package and trashed directv some more.

I told him that the difference was almost $60 per month and that I wasn't interested and that I would appreciate him just processing the cancellation of the service. He started in on how great dish network was and basically that I was *** for switching. OK, now I'm pissed. I told him that I was not interested in hearing any more sales pitches and that I wanted to speak to a supervisor.

He STILL kept trashing directv and saying that his supervisor is at lunch. Long story short.

I waited another 10 minutes to speak to a supervisor (who I don't actually think was a supervisor) who basically told me that the rep had done his job and that he worked for the best satellite company in the world and that he didn't think that the rep had anything to apologize for. Needless to say, I will have rabbit ears and aluminium foil on my TV before I ever use dish network for anything.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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It took forever to cancel my service and the woman I spoke to did not want to take no for an answer, trying to give me deals, I switched to Netflix and Hulu and she just started putting them down, I said just cancel my service, this was on September 3rd, and still waiting for the stuff to send the DVR and remotes back. Also she said they wanted some part attached to the dish on the roof, I told her I am not climbing up on a ladder and trying to unhook it, fall and break my neck, if they want that, send someone to get it.

I know they are sending me the box or whatever late so they can make me pay for the DVR, I am not stupid. When I try calling them, you have to slick 1 or 2 options on the phone, neither one is an option I want.

I want to ask them where the dang box is to send everything back to them. I will never get the ever again or Direct tv either.


How did you ever get someone to answer the phone to talk to? I've been sitting on hold for over 2 hours!!

to K Metz #1529730

I'm still on hold


I have had the same experience. This is a horrible system.....We are moving and just wanted to disconnect. long Wait times on the phone....


Please understand that DISH Network is a service business as with any other. They will "try" to keep you as a customer as best they can because in the end it is about money.

There will always be another company giving away a "better deal" until they are the ones with your service. Then you are forgotten until you wish to move.My thoughts are, as a consumer, just simply move when it betters you personally. Do not be "loyal" to a business unless they show loyalty to you. They will in most cases only address this loyalty when you choose to leave their service.

Use that to your advantage. Always look to do better for yourself...believe me, they only care about themselves.I just canceled my dish service.

I improved my internet speed to 100mps, retained all of my channels I watch, and now am saving $60 per month. Simple enough...I, as a consumer, have choices.

Houston, Texas, United States #1352055

The same exact thing happened to me. The service was horrible and DirecTV had a way better offer and since I had them before, I knew their DVR system was better.

The retention guy was rude, threatening and talked bad about DirecTV. It took forever to get him to get to the paperwork to send me the shipping label/box.

They are charging me $12 for that in addition to $380 early cancellation fee. I feel it is totally worth it as well.

Union City, Georgia, United States #1255672

I totally agree and will be filing a formal complaint tomorrow. The rep that I had was condescending, berating and a downright bully.

Basically, just a F&^$%&^ a hole!

Not once, twice or three times I politely asked to just please cancel my account and the abuse got worse and worse. I will also be complaining to the BBB.


You know I went through the exact same ordeal with Direct when I cancelled with them and they wanted to send the Tech back out and undo the Dish service that I just had hooked up. And the reason I left Direct after 8 yrs is because I got tired of all the new people that were just signing up getting all the good equipment while I still had the same old crappie box that I originally signed up with---Oh they said that I could upgrade but it would cost me an additional 100.00 for a new box and a 20.00 a month increase on my monthly bill.

And I told that rep that if Direct would've treated me like he was when they found out I was leaving by offering me all kinds of deals that I would've never left, but since they werent going to do that at their regular customer service call in without charging me a 100.00 plus 20.00 more a month I told him sorry but Im already gone and that I wouldn't be coming back. And now it's 2 1/2 yrs later and I just left Dish as well because since I have Wifi and I bought a Roku and found a private channel that gives me 300 channels with all the movie channels and all the PPV channels and *** channels for only 20.99 a month or a 3 month deal 59.99 or a 6 month deal for what I paid both Direct and Dish 129.99 and a lot of the channels I'm getting are both Dish and Direct channels--I'll NEVER EVER go back to those Crooks

to ScottRock #1422711

What’s a roku

to Anonymous #1425190

A roku is a streaming device. You can pick One up at any Walmart, Target, Sam’s club. You can stream tv as long as you have WiFi


Just cancelled my dish services, 140 month i was paying btw, and wow 30 mins later of saying no and im finally almost done. Horrible customer service , now ill never go back to any dish service.

Still got to send things back or pay 40 to 350 for each box they said oh joy.


Dont get me wrong Direct was just as bad.Hd equip wasnt anywhere close.They both suck the same balls.we need a new ave,for our tv selection---think about FTA if you are close to a big city or OTA or whatever---I am out in po-dunk no where texas so i dont have those choices.*** i am ready to make the cows dance for fun---lol


I went online to view my bill and payments with dish---all are unavailbe to view since i am behind with them.Only thing you can view is current charges.So I call them up to cancel my internet service and the guy tells me i cant do that until my acct is up to date.cant view my acct for the same reason.Douch bags one and all.Thought cable was bad--been with these *** biting *** for 6 years,anyway they have taken on an all out war on collecting from their customers in the past few months.And they have changed your bill date to the 1st.


I have had so many problems with Dish, it's not even funny. First, when I had the company install my internet, I was not aware that their "broadband" internet was satellite.

Second, before even telling the customer service rep that I wanted to start service at my apartment in which i was leaving in a few months they told me that the first move was free. So, then when I went to have my dishes moved to my new home they tried charging me $100 to move them 3 blocks. Third, when the installer came to install my television and internet the installer only brought the tv dish and left the internet at the old residence. So, I talked to the installer and he said that his dispatcher told him not to say anything to us about it and to call after he left.

So, I did as I was told. They then brought my internet to my new location. Fourth, I have had issues with the internet being slow. I have had this problem ever since it has been installed.

I have called and talked to numerous representatives and they say it's because of my data package.

DISH IS A JOKE, and I look forward to termination! :(

Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States #692331

I must say these are pretty terrible reviews for Dish. I however didn't have any issues like these stated.

I chose to sign their 2 year contract, a legal contract with a provider which I CHOSE to do. Which everyone chooses when the get Dish set up and sign up for their services. There are provders that don't require a contract to sign up, so I would suggest keeping that in mind if you don't want to be binded to a 2 year agreement. I stayed with them for the whole contract , they helped me with moving services to a new city, and helped when my receiver went out and sent me a new one free.

While I was upset last year when I lost AMC for a few months they did credit my account for each of those months and were very helpful. I decided to try a new provider without a contract and I called to cancel. They were very nice and did offer me a great deal due to being in good standing through my whole contract. While I declined and said thank you they respected my choice.

They also waived me needing to return my satellite dish and made sure I didn't get an early term fee for cancelling 3 days before my contract was up. I think people need to read what they sign before they sign it and then honor their commmitments.

It was a smooth and easy process and a company I may choose again in the future if the new provider doesn't work out. :)

to Anonymous #1518492

Wait until you try to cancel...

Germantown, Maryland, United States #680413

I got dish network installed yesterday and right off the back, I realized their picture quality is *** and their internet service is snail speed. I called less than 24 hrs later and because I have internet and tv service with them, I was told I would have to pay a $720 early termination fee.


I guess I'm stuck with their crappy service for the next 24 months.


Went through a similar process. Loyal 10+ years customer, never had a contract.

Bought our dish originally when they sold them at walmart! Finally called them today to inquire about discounts. 50% + to NEW customers.. 10% for me, a loyal 10+ years customer.

No thanks, cancelled. Also went to *** my autobill info since I have read numerous complaints of them billing after the cancellation and I am unable to do so.

Gives me some error code about an appointment which I do not have and did not make. Crooks!


Dish network's cancellation process is very bad. I got a new job in a new city and had to relocate from Louisville, KY to Lexington, KY.

Initially I had my service suspended while I made the transition and looked for new housing. I decided that I would rent an apt since I no longer needed a big house. When I called Dish network back to inquire about cancelling my service and told them that the apt complex did not allow the satelite service. The Dish employee named Josh explained to me that the FCC had instituted a new law that basically stated that apts has to allow for that service.

However, the apt complex stated they do not allow satelite service. So, it's a catch 22 because the FCC says they have to but the apt complex says they don't. So, the customer loses by either paying a cancellation fee or choosing to move elsewhere. So, their fix is to make me pay $14.99 each month for the remainder of my contract by cancelling my old program package and putting me in what they call a Welcome package just to make sure I use up all my contract time.

To me that's unethical and bad business. So now I'm paying a monthly charge for a dish program that I can't even enjoy for the next 14 months. Plus, they want me to send them the boxes back, which will be reused and another customer will be charged for.

They wont remove the dish off of my home unless I pay them $95.00, so I have to find someone to remove it and it gets discarded as trash. Anyone, looking to do business with Dish Network beware and read contract thoroughly and try not to move until your contract is up.


Direct tv dude, shut up. Dish Netowrk is shifty, but you losers take the cake.

Honestly, how many people are suing your *** in Texas alone for your underhanded business tatics.

I'm not saving Dish Network is a saint. But they're not the devil of television providers like you guys.

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