I have been a customer of Dishnetwork for over 10 years.

I pay annually, so I can get one month free.

I keep getting billed, for what, I do not know.

I have called. Told everything is under control and not to make a payment.This has happened several times.

I have asked for a supervisor.I was not satisfied by this supervisors answers, so I spoke to her supervisor and was told all is well now. Guess what??Yep, I was billed via computer. Contacted a "rep" via e mail and was told that he was going to hand over my complaint to the proper "desk"

I still am getting billed. I will not pay it, and since I have all the receipts, I hope that Dish will do something ***--like shutting off my

paidfor network.When my contract expires, I can guarantee that I will not renew with Dish net work and I suggest that others who have a contract coming due to carefully think again same.

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Soldiers beware of Dish,

I apologize about the bad experience you had after canceling your account. I sent you a message on another thread as well but just in case you did not get it there I thought I would provide you the information here as well.

Its very frustrating when you think something is taken care of then come to find out that it was not and that it has affected your credit report. I can assure you this is not a standard practice. When you cancel your account you must return the equipment. If you want to restart your account, we would provide you with new equipment.

We can pause the account if you will be gone 6 months or less but since you were gone 10 months the best fit was to cancel the account. This information should be provided to you, and I apologize that if it was not explained to you fully and I hope in the future you will give us the opportunity to regain your trust.

Please let me know if there is anything that we can do for you. My email address is Alicia.Brink@dishnetwork.com


I am an active duty soldier who deployed to Iraq in 2007. I called Dish Network to have my service suspended while I was gone and they were very friendly in doing so.

After being away about 10 months I checked my credit report from Iraq and there was a substantial collection account on there. When I enquired why there was a delinquint account, I was told it was because I did not returne the equipment, even though I intended to re-instate the service when I returned. I decided to go with cable at that point and I did returne the equipment. Yesterday I pulled a credit report to buy a home and Dish Network again came back to haunt me.

After talking with them they are sending me a 0 balance letter to correct the problem. There should havae never been a balance anyway. The other issue is they are bundled with Century link. They shut off the DSL for me when requested but that does not turn off the phone line as well.

Again it showed on my report. They did correct the problem but REFUSE to send a letter to turn in to my Loan specialist.

Watch out for these bundled services. They never seem to go aaway!


Hello my name is Kirstie Filosa and I am with DISH Network customer service. As I am understanding you have had repeated billing issues with what DISH has invoiced you.

First of all, I would just like to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

I would be more then happy to do what I can to help you get this resolved. You can email directly with your information at kirstie.filosa@dishnetwork.com

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