they say it costs one amt they change it they also change channels you watch after a year they make you sign a contract to get the cheap price then they change the amount and when you are on a fixed imcome it causes problems I believe they use sub contractors to get you in . I have tried to talk to them about it they act like I am losing my mind and have no clue.

when you are on a budget you know how much is coming in and how much is going out .

I am tired of going without necc. bec of their criminal behavior

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Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network.

I apologize about the confusion. I know it can be difficult when losing a channel you love but I assure you it is for the benefit of our customers. We are fighting on your behalf to come to a fair agreement that will ultimately help keep your prices lower. I understand that sometimes losing a channel that you love can be devastating.

We try to resolve disputes as quickly as possible to restore your channels.

I am glad to let you know we have a package to fit every budget if you need to lower your bill please feel free to review our packages. If you have any other questions let us know.


I upgraded to more channels and when I finally recd my bill, they'd charged me $16 more in insurance on my unit. I never ordered it nor wanted it.

I called and they said take it off, then I get another bill, and that plus another $7 was tacked on. I called again. Said I could *** the $7 but not the $16. I told them if they didn't get that off my bill when it comes next time, I was a customer who would switch to Direct Tv or cable.

I am still angry about it.

I told them they needed to fire whoever it was that put that on my order in the first place because. I am very unhappy with them.

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