We want channel 9 back in Oklahoma city. Or you need to lower your price because I am not getting what I signed up for

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Guthrie, Oklahoma, United States #932586

I just signed a new contract with an understanding that I would have certain channels. My main channel is CBS and now it has been taken away.

I want a discount on my bill.

I feel that is only right. If I had known CBS was going to be taken away I would have never signed the contract.

to Nicky Phoenix, Arizona, United States #933640

I would strongly recommend reading your commitment with Dish. If you go to mydish.com/legal, it can be viewed there in addition to the RSA.

There is a specific line that channels may be removed or rearranged without notice, or expection of compensation. Your channel will be back eventually, but to expect compensation is not what you SIGNED up for.

That all said, I am sure if you call in and ask nicely, you may be able to get a discount. After all, you catch more flys with honey

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