I am retired and have limited fixed income. I decided to switch from Direct TV to Dish Network to save money.

I have been a customer a few months and decided to pause their service to save money during a 1 month trip to our daughter. Service was paused 5 weeks and our bill was reduced the month we left to about $15.00 instead of about $83.00 a month. Service was reinstated 11/1/2011 and I decided to change my service to a lower cost monthly service to save money. My 1st monthly bill due Dec 2011 will be $136.00.

Dish representative admitted customers do not save money by pausing as Dish merely adds the amount saved to your following month's bill. The only amount that I saved was the reduction from a higher cost service to a lower cost service or about $10.00 a month. Dish network rep.

offered me 3 free movies which I accepted merely as a crumb from what they owe me. I will complain to the New York State Attorney General also.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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