I have been with DISH for 4 months. EVERY bill has been wrong. They have overcharged me for EVERY single bill...charges for HBO, other movie channels and protection plans that I had asked NOT to have.

They WILL NOT send you another invoice. They simply just tell you will have to pay the invoice and then they will credit the next invoice. Ok, so maybe the first time you would do this, but not on EVERY single bill.

The cancellation fee is $210 plus if you use the shipping label you have to pay an additional $17. If you have phone and internet and want to keep the same number you have to set everything up with the new provider and then cancel.

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Mark H DISH Network

I will be happy to look into any problems that you are having with your billing. You can remove programming by logging into mydish.com. Please email me for assistance with your DISH services.

Thank You

Mark Haakenson

Social Media Representative



3 pm – 11 pm Sunday through Thursday


Dish Network makes hundreds of millions of dollars each year just in cancellation fees. They churned through around 600,000 customers just in their last quarter. In addition, even when they provide bad customer service customers will likely keep paying for the life of the contract. So, they have little incentive to invest in good customer service.

The fact that they push contracts/cancellation fees is a big red flag saying “we are not committed to providing good customer service”. For example, other utilities and cable companies invest a lot to distribute their service, but are month to month services that allow consumers to cancel without a cancellation fee and while they are not perfect tend to have more responsive customer service than Dish Network.

But, a contract is a two party agreement. Save your records, a “material breach of contract” is a substantial breach of a significant term or terms of a contract that excuses the non-breaching party, you, from further performance under the contract. Meaning if what they are charging you for and what they are providing you is significantly different than in your contract you do not have to abide by the contract/cancellation fee. Although, if they are doing an auto debit for payment they will likely take it from you anyway and then you will have more grief to get reimbursed.

Consider sending a message to your state’s Attorney Generals office and the Federal Trade Commission, FTC, and here is why:

Due the overwhelming number of consumer complaints 45 state Attorney General’s compelled Dish to sign onto an “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance” in 2009 and Dish paid a 6 million settlement agreeing to stop their bad behavior, but they have not stopped. In fact, overcharges like yours were and still are a significant problem. The AG offices were to put the money towards consumer protection, but they need to be informed of the complaints.

Thanks for sharing your experience and good luck.

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