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Through a 3rd party seller, with no contract copy supplied, and with insufficient contract details explained by the 3rd party, I started Dish Network. I canceled 6 days later because the picture on the TV was picsolated, and the channel set up was very non user friendly, to the point it was hard to find normal widely known TV channels.

I tried to give the service a fair chance during the 6 days, but we found we still needed to cancel the service. Now, after calling Dish and escalating that call to a higher last person President's office lead Dish Network employee, there will still be a $480 cancellation fee. I offered to pay for the temporary installation and removal of the Dish system, but their was no monetary relief given by Dish. I pleaded by case with Dish, saying I tried the service in good faith, and further saying I am looking for some relief, because I did not know I would not like the Dish TV service.

Dish only says that their contract does not give them any option but to charge the full 2 yr contract cancellation fee. Dish also will charge my card for $480 in 21 days without my agreement. Note Dish's ability to charge my card in this way was never explained prior to starting the Dish service.

Any advice out there on my situation? Or tips on how I can spread the word about this Dish Network business practice?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Package.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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They say small hit on credit... it's approx 100 points for 7-10 years.

Also, cancelling card will not block payment. The hold is on the account. Just understand that should you choose not to pay it, you'll end up paying significantly more elsewhere. Such as the dealership when you want to lease/purchase a veh, because of bad credit.

You knew you had a contract. That is obvious from the very beginning of this post. You tried to give it good faith by trying for 6 days. Were you told you had a grace period?

Can you verify that?

Did you read what you were signing, or just happy at the shiny new object? You're on the hook, so you can choose to be a dead beat ***, or you can honor your word and complete the terms of the contract.

Los Gatos, California, United States #1331977

you are not the only one. they charge you credit card but call the bank and cancel your card and don't be afraid dish does not have a good customer service.

I am the same way as you are but since I am contract administrator for so many years I told them, dish, go to *** you are violating the term of contract for quoting some dollar and charging more. by doing so the contract is voided and they can't do any thing in regard to their mistake.

We as customer should stick together and teach people lessons !!!

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1328412

If they have not charged your credit card, then immediately contact your card company and ask them how to stop them from charging your card. This might entail your cancelling that card account and getting a new one so Dish doesn't have the new card number to charge.

These companies always try to charge you a cancellation fee even tho most people are seemingly unaware they are entering into a (one way)contract of some sort when then sign up for Dish, etc. In your case, ensure they cannot charge your account and if they do charge you a cancellation fee, just ignore it and all subsequent bills, etc.

and take the very small "hit" on your credit score. Remember, never pay for something you don't owe, especially for something that doesn't work as described.

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