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error code came up on dvr we have had for roughly three years saying hard drive failure. Called Dish who explained that yes we read it right, the hard drive is failing and pretty soon it will stop working altogether.

She kindly offered to exchange this our dying VIP 722 for a new one. Put the old in the box from the new one and ship it back within thirty days. Not a problem, sent units back before when we upgraded to HD. But now she starts rambling on about how i am going to be charged a fifteen dollar fee on my next bill for replacing their faltering product.

She then told me how I could save money with Dish's protection plan. For only six dollars a month additional I will get a free replacement next time their equipment stops working and also if I need a technician to come into my house for whatever reason, I would only pay I think it was$ 25.00 of a $95.00 service charge. I took the $15.00 option fully aware of the fact that the other unit will break eventually. Depending how soon will determine whether I pay a cancellation fee and return both units.

Also people, they do increase prices whether you have a contract or not.

Read their contract please. I let mine expire for that reason.

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My Dish as well went down for hard drive failure. I contacted dish and they stated 3x it was only going to be 15$.

The next day I checked my bank account and they charged me 90$.

I called furious and they told me that was the amount I had to pay for the new equipment when the previous rep stated I had to just mail back the damaged equipment. Always check your account when you make a payment!!...

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