Dish Network charges consumers a $5.00 fee for each receiver you have in your home that is not connected to a phone line. This fee is unfair to consumers that don't want to order their online movies etc.

Most people only have one phone line jack in a room, and their not going to move their furniture, to suite Dish Network or spend hundreds of dollars to install phone lines.

This is a consumer rip off, and should be investgated by the goverment.After calling and complaining to customer service, I was given a cool responce, with no satisfaction. Switching back to cable, is looking better.

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Oregon, Wisconsin, United States #12489

Unfair charges??? What about a receiver with external hard drive capability and customer has to pay 39.99 to use the feature built into the receiver.

Dish provides no 'service' related activity for this, they are never out a dime, what is next, charging me to hook up a home theater system to this stuff. Can't wait until my contract expires.

Waukau, Wisconsin, United States #11835

I totally agree. I have to have a phone cord running across my living room floor that my 7 year old has tripped on many times.

They offered to reimburse me for a cordless phone jack, but as rude as there cust service has been to me, I don't believe it. I upgraded to HD and resigned my contract about 6 months ago and the tech took the old receiver, then about a month later I received empty boxes to send it back. I called and they assured me that I will not be charged for equipment and sure enough a few weeks later they STOLE $300 out of my checking account. When I called the man said that he would have to verify with the tech and I would get it back in 10-14 bussiness days.

I got it back the 14th day.

I can't believe I signed a new contract. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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