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I decided to switch to dish network from Comcast because my whole family has them and recommended me to them. So in October I talked to a dish salesperson and explained that I was in the middle of my divorce and selling my house and would be moving to an apartment in a few months and did not want to be stuck in a contract in case they were not able to set up the dish at the new location.

But the dish salesperson told me that if for some reason they were not able to set it up at the new location that they could waive the fee since it would not be my fault. Well yesterday the installation technician came out and was not able to install due to no line of sight. About several conversations with the loyalty department and one of their supervisors all they can do is apologize for their salesperson misinforming me and tell me that it is not their fault that I chose to move.

I am very disappointed in the lack of understanding from Dish when this is in no way my fault at all. I will definitely not be recommending them in the future.

Monetary Loss: $263.

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Littleton, Colorado, United States #912997


Please email me your account number and four-digit PIN at so I can review your information. Thanks!

Rohnert Park, California, United States #912569

Same issue as the original poster with Dish Network. I'm planning on calling Monday and try to resolve this then. I'm planning on pulling my parents account as well if so.

Conroe, Texas, United States #744643

Lou Lou,

It would be my pleasure to assist you with your situation if you could please email me your account number at so I can have a look and see what I can do! Thanks for your efforts and I look forward to speaking with you further!


This just happened to me today...I haven't had time to escalate it yet they assure me that it is not in my contact...and pretty much tough luck...I love Dish but will not recommend them or use them in the future :(

Aurora, Colorado, United States #709053


That's unfortunate it had to come to that and we'd love to hear any feedback you have for us if you'd care to email me at That's good your issue was taken care of and I'm always happy to help your further with anything you need assistance with.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #709050


I'm sorry to hear about the trouble and am glad to hear the situation got resolved. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance and we hated to have seen you go. Thanks.

Edina, Minnesota, United States #701274

I also submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and got my ETF charge refunded! This is definitely worth your time.

Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States #701210

I had this same issue and after calling and talking to everyone Dish would give me access to i was still unable to get the charge waved. I found this site and took the Anonyous poster from Jun 20th's advice and contacted both the State Attorney and the Better Business Bureau.

I received a call today about 5 days later from Dish informing me that the Better Business Bureau had contacted them and that they would be waving my ETF. So If you can not get them to wave the fee start emailing those two. It seems to work pretty well.

I do have to pay the $17 shipping but thats understandable.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #677735


That is great to hear and please let me know if I can help you with any other questions or concerns you have!

Aurora, Colorado, United States #677733


Your frustration is understandable and I'd be happy to help you if you could please email me your account number at so I can review it for any and all options. Thanks for your efforts!

Durham, North Carolina, United States #677129

I called corporate and told them that I would like to file a complaint, they forwarded me to executive resolution department who was able to take care of everything (with exception of the postage to send equipment back ($17))


Edina, Minnesota, United States #677097

The same thing happened to me. I moved in the middle of June, was sure I had a south-facing apartment, everything looked fine but when the tech came out, he said a single branch was in the way.

Of course I am renting the apartment and wouldn't be able to cut that branch off the tree so I had to cancel and was charged the ETF.

I would have definitely come back to DISH if they would have been reasonable and allowed me out without charging me hundreds of dollars for something that I have no control over but not anymore. I know DirecTV allows people to waive their ETF in this situation so that is the company I will be going with in the future unless DISH can come back and make this right.


Regarding contracts, this company is held to the standard of “Clear and Conspicuous” disclosure. If “full disclosure” of facts significant to the agreement were not provided or were are unclear the contract could and should be set aside.

Send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau of Colorado where this company is headquartered, this will put this complaint “on the record”.

In addition, if the terms of the contract are not clear regarding this issue and they are still trying to charge cancellation you may want to send a complaint to your state Attorney General’s office The AGs can monitor this company for noncompliance with a consumer complaint driven settlement with this company from 2009 called the “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance” which was signed on to by 46 state AGs. The AGs retained the right to continue to monitor this company for noncompliance and need to hear from consumers.

to Anonymous Denver, Colorado, United States #667221

Thank you anonymous for your insight. Have a great day

Aurora, Colorado, United States #667092


I understand how frustrating of a situation this can be and would enjoy the opportunity to look over your information if you wouldn't mind emailing me your account number! My email address is and I hope to hear from you!

Thornton, Colorado, United States #667084

Funny...I just had the same thing happen. The dish mover tech was very helpful and courteous and even apologized!

He didn't understand how they can charge me when it is not my fault that they cannot provide service. I used to love dish network and would have loved to keep them. All the loyalty rep said was sorry and that they didn't make me move!!

I will be letting everyone I know about dish and their "policies". I will also be filing some complaints with the bbb and fcc.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #666962

It would be my pleasure to help you with this situation as I had a chance to review it and found it interesting! Could you please email me your account number at so I can look over it and see what's going on? Thank you very much for your efforts!

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