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The metal pole that our dish was installed on rusted in half and the dish fell over. We were not getting service, we called Dish Network to see what to do.

They said they would send someone out to put it back up. We repeatedly asked if we would be charged for this because we wanted to know what the fee would be if we were. They repeatedly said there would be no charge. The guy comes out, fixes it, has my boyfriend sign a paper saying he was there- which had no charges on it.

This month my bill was $65 more than it should be. We call them, sure enough, its a "custom work/tech visit" charge. We explained that we were told we would not be charged- that the guy came out and put the dish on another wooden pole that was already in our yard because their previous equipment broke. They pretty much said too bad, so I said I wanted to cancel if they were going to start doing this.

After being transferred to someone else, they finally removed $50 of the charge because we had the protection plan, but they refused to remove the other $15. We said we had the paper my boyfriend signed, with no charge on it, and she said that was just something they have everyone sign, they always charge at least $15. So I guess to Dish Network-free means at least $15. I know $15 isn't a lot, but I'm getting tired of all of these little hidden fees for everything.

They add up. I think it's time to start exploring my options.

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