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I had this service 4-5 years ago. I didnt keep it long for several reasons, however when it was cancelled they sent me the box to return their equipment.

I did just that, now they have collection agencies calling me. When I asked what are they charging me for, they tell me that since it indicates I had 4 pieces of equipment, they are charging me $15.00 per box which is $60 first. He start looking for a reason for the balance of the charges, I just told him to send me a copy of any contract with any mess like that in it. Clearly I would have NEVER agreed to something like that.

He started yelling at me and asking me how do I want to settle the debt. WHAT DEBT? I don't owe them anything. Apparently these companies are getting really desperate and will try to bully anybody they can into paying them, EVEN when you don't owe.

I seldom watch TV and actually didn't know they were still in business. Someone just told me they were. They must really be hurting. Can the Attorney General's office help with getting these people to stop calling my house?

That whole DO NOT CALL *** does not work.

Sometimes I think someone wrote my name on a bathroom wall and put in BOLD letters...DO CALL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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I had a similar experience with DISH and am waiting for a refund check. Did you know that, despite the fact that THEY put the DISH on your roof, they want $100 to take it down.

I got an antenna and am find with regular TV and now save $70 a month.

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