Dish Network customer service is the worst. I have been having problems with my DISH service for many months (i.e., not getting all channels despite clear weather, clear path to the sky, good setup, etc.). I have called them numerous times to get them to resolve the situation. All troubleshooting was performed including an inspection of cables, wiring, etc. No problems. Whenever I requested that they send out a technician, they indicated that I would have to pay $50 for it.

Yesterday (09/27/2008), I had enough. I refused and asked them to send out a technician to resolve the problem without charge. First, they said they would not do that. I then told them to cancel my service.

Next they offered to split the cost of the technician with me if I signed up for additional subscription services. I refused and told them to cancel my service.

Next, they offered to send out a technician for free. I said forget it, I was done negotiating and to cancel my account. The representative was so freaked out that they "escalated" my call to another representative.

After I explained the situation, they offered to: (1) Send out a free technician; (2) and give me $10 off my bill for 6 months. I said, "no" and asked them to cancel my service. They asked me what I wanted?

I told them, they would need to give me at least 3 months of free service. Guess what? They relented and offered: (1) three (3) months of free service; (2) $10 off my bill for 6 months; and (3) an equipment upgrade for free; and (4) a free technician.

Why couldn't they just offer the free technician at the beginning instead of playing this little game? I told them to cancel my service.

They then asked what they could do. I said, "Give me 6 months of free service," in addition to the above.

They refused, but begged me to stay. I said, no, and asked them to cancel my service.

Needless to say, my service has been canceled. However, before I even called them I made sure that I had already signed up for cable television and had it installed. Before I terminated with DISH, I wanted to give them one last chance. They responded by trying to *** me around. After being a loyal DISH customer for 6 years, and paying them nearly $4000, they couldn't give me a $300 credit to keep me as a customer.

In addition, their customer service representative was very rude and kept interrupting me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they had me on hold for 20 minutes while she "looked for one." When I explained it to a supervisor, he said, "Point taken." That was it.

*** idiots! I'm not paying them any more money, and have gone back to cable. The service is much better, no problems to missing channels and I can surf much faster. I am much happier.

If you are having any problems with DISH, simply threaten to cancel your service and they will suddenly bow down and offer you the brass ring.

I hope they lost all of their customers and go out of business!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #263599

faulty equipment..going on my third cable box and had over 200 saved programs..they said they would send me another box..which would be junk anyways and said i would have to pay 25.00 for the shipping


Why is the volume louder on the commerical breaks. I will mute all of them. The advertiser is not getting their monies worth if you do not control the volume.

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