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I have great concern over how I was recently treated as a "valued Dish customer". I recently moved and was currently a Dish customer and have been off and on for many years. I contacted Dish two weeks prior to the move to schedule a move of my service. I explained to the customer service person that my home was all metal and so a pole would have to be used for the dish installation. I repeated this several times in our conversation and asked if I would need to supply the pole or do anything on my end and the answer given was no. The installation was scheduled for Tuesday, July 6th. I made sure that I took off from work to meet the installer who arrived at the end of the "installation window". When he arrived he asked if Dig Tess had been there and they had not so he had to reschedule for another day for the installation. I was standing there as he scheduled the installation for Friday, July 9th between 8am-12 and explained that the reason for the re-schedule was that the ground had not been marked by Dig Tess. Let me say that during neither of these conversations was it ever brought up that I was the one who was supposed to arrange for the testing. This is new construction and I know exactly the point of entry for both the water and electricity and would have had either Dig Tess or my contractors mark the ground well in advance of the scheduled installs. So I took ANOTHER day off for the second round and by 11:30am I called to see just when the installer would be there. They acted like they had no idea that an installation was supposed to have been scheduled and would have dispatch get back with me in 30 minutes. By this time I had been on my cell phone (using my minutes) for 45 minutes. When dispatch finally called back they asked me if Dig Tess had been out there yet and I responded that they had not probably because they had not contacted them seeing as how they did not even properly schedule the second round installation. At that point she informed me that this was MY responsibility. By this time I was extremely upset as your company had cost me two work days pay and now we were looking at a third go round. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and after two attempts, disconnections and 45 minutes of cell time later I was finally connected. She informed me that she was sorry, but all of this was due to me not calling out for ground testing and having the proper preparations. I had just about had it and told her to just cancel may account and because this was a Dish MISTAKE that I would not pay an early disconnect fee and told her that when she disconnected my service to make sure that she made notations in my file that I was not to be charged because of the inconvenience and financial burden that you all had already placed on me through no fault of my own. This was stated many times so that it was made clear to her and she never refuted the statement. She disconnected the service and told me how to send back the equipment and I after all that I verified that I would not be charged and she had made notes to my account??? To that she responded "Oh no mam you will be charged because you chose to disconnect and if you want to reconnect there will be a $107 charge. Never once during the many times that I made clear that she understood that I wanted all of this noted on my account and agreement that charges would be waived did she ever say that I would be expected to pay a fee regardless. She only told me this after the disconnection I guess so that one way or another I would owe you all a fee….By this time I was just about livid with your company. I asked to speak to a top supervisor and was connected to your Corporate Office after another extended hold time. I was told by that representative that he would not waive the charge to reconnect and that if I did not want to pay the early disconnect fee then I would have to pay the other charge to reconnect my service (disconnected only in the early conversation and only because of the trouble that you all put me through) Basically you all had me over a barrel. So when it came right down to it I knew that I definitely did not want to continue to do business with a company such as this, regardless of their threats of what they were going to charge me. I have returned your equipment and will not pay any type of early service termination fee that you will try to charge to me. I guess I could turn that around and force you all to pay my lost wages for the second install – I will accept that I missed work for the 1st install. I immediately called Direct TV to have an installation done. They were out there within a couple of days and put in the pole with no issues and called prior to the installation to verify as well as after the installation was complete.

I must say that I am extremely disappointed in your company and customer service treatment. As I have said I have been a Dish customer over a span of many years and pay my payments on time and have been a good customer. After researching on the Internet about what I should do regarding this issue, it has come to my attention that this is not something that is new to EchoStar/Dish that you all have many customer relation issues as well as unfair business practices.

This is to reiterate to your company that I was not in any way at fault in this matter and am the one to suffer a financial loss of wages as well as over two hours!!! of my cell phone air time for nothing except that it was due to errors on your company's part that no one would accept the blame for…. I will state again in writing and for legal purposes that I will not pay any kind of early termination fee, as I only terminated early due to problems arising with your company that could have been easily resolved. With the business practices shown by your company I feel sure that you all will not refund the pre-paid balance that I currently have on my account either so I won't look for it in the mail.

I am so disappointed that business practices are the way they are these days. I feel that based on the dealings that I currently have had with Direct TV that I am in "good hands" and have been treated with nothing but respect by their customer service.

That was a letter I wrote to them in response to an installation. I received a call from their corporate and his resolution was that it was both of our faults and we should split the early disconnect fee and call it good. I told him that I was not at fault in this matter and that was not acceptable and he hung up. Just justifies my statements above.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

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I apologize about the experience you have received. We make every effort to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers, I apologize if you were not informed about having to have the ground marked. If you were not installed then you would not be in a contract with us. You have to sign off on the work order stating install was complete before you are entered into a contract. Any time there is an issue that has the ability to be corrected if we are given the opportunity the cancel fee would be enforced if a customer declines and elects to cancel. Most companies have cancel fees however, unlike most companies we prorate your cancel fee; so if you do choose to disconnect you are rewarded for the time you did stay with us. When an installer comes out to install and you feel that it is not satisfactory you can advise the technician of your concerns and have them correct the issue before you sign off on his work order for completion. Our technicians are required to meet certain standards to perform an installation. Since we have a 60 day warranty on the installation and we will send a technician back out to correct any signal issues, may not perform an install due to poor quality, not having right equipment, not having ground marked for gas or water lines, etc. When an installer comes out to install and you feel that it is not satisfactory you can advise the technician of your concerns and request a second opinion. If you would like me to look at the account for options or if you have any additional questions feel free to email me.


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