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I have been a customer of Dish for 12 years. I inquired on dec 3rd about the possibility of replacing my current equipment with the new "Hopper".

I was told I was not eligible for an upgrade to the hopper And after talking to him for quite sometime he told me that he would go ahead and give me the hopper and schedule installation for Saturday December 8th between 8 and 12 PM.

We changed our plans and stayed at home Saturday, December 8 ALL DAY waiting for a service technician to show up, he never showed. I contacted customer service today Monday, December 10 and ask why service technician did not show up they did not have any records indicating that a service technician would be giving me an upgrade and that I did not qualify for one and And that I could purchase one For a little over $400

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

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I know how you feel. Been with them 15 years and have an outage and schedule an appointment.

Next day, no show form a tech and when I called in they said that there was never any notes on the account and that nothing was setup for someone to come out. When I talked to support the night before they said that notes were made on the account and then said that a tech would be out in the morning.


either the first tech lied to me or the second did. 15 years and this is the treatment I get.


I had the same problem and then was told many other things as well such as I was getting a movers package for free and that since I was returning the VIP211k for a dual dvr vip722k and that there would be no charge for that either. Then on top of that the representitive changed my package without my permission and I did not talk to the rep about changing my package from all Channels to the 250 package and then individually paying for all the premium channels that are included in the Everything package.

I can't even view my current charges on my account as well as I ordered 3 PPV events and not one single event stayed on my reciever for 24 hours let alone my power went half way into the movie while my reciever is on a battery backups I shut it off by power button. When I went back to view my rentals it wasn't there nor was the other movie that I purchased and hadn't started. This wasn't the only time this happened with every PPV event that I have purchased that has been charge for the PPV not a free PPV doesn't show up in my rentals. I contacted your support and they told me there wasn't anything that could be done they didn't even verify my account with me so I know they weren't into my account as I didn't verify it in the automated system as its useless I am always asked for my account information a second time around.

The reps at Dish are getting to be worse than Directv Reps I left Direct for dish only to start having the same problems as I had there. *** I Paid my bill in November in full as I have been and for some reason I have over 368 in charges plus a 100.99 charge that isn't even said as to what it is supposed to be so for 1 month I have over a 400.00 bill.

yet no explanation in the billing as to what it is or why its that high. :( :( :( :(



I am sorry to hear about the frustration in terms of ugprading the service. I would be happy to review this and see what's going on.

Our promotions are based on many factors of an account. Unfortunately I do not have any information on what may have happened, and would have to look at the account. To do so, can you please send me an email at so I can assist you further?

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative

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