If you contracted with DISH over the phone; the sales pitch sounded great. Then, when it was time to "sign" the contract - you figured it probably contained the same stuff you'd just gotten over the phone; and you agreed to sign it. BIG MISTAKE!!! Trouble is, you won't know how big a mistake you just made until after you have your first problems - or you wish to terminate your agreement early. Only then will you realize you just signed an agreement with the worst satellite provider on the entire planet.

If you complain about the speed of your Internet not being what was promised, they will refer you to their contract. Now... as you read their contract (that you signed) you will find that in fact they are not bound to supply you any minimum download speed at all. In fact, they are not bound to supply you an Internet signal at all, and in fact could be totally out for any length of time, and you don't even get reimbursed for the usage you did not receive.

Further, they misrepresent the usefulness of their Internet service by telling you in the Sales Pitch that you will get a full 20Gb of monthly usage... and that if you are not a game-player, that amount of monthly usage should be more than adequate. Nothing could be further from the truth! First of all, you really DO NOT get 20Gb of monthly usage in the way the unsuspecting customer is thinking. In fact, you really only get 10Gb per month that you can use during your normal waking hours. The other 10Gb MUST be used during the off peak hours from 2AM to 8AM. Now unless you are some sort of a vampire - how useful do you think that 10Gb is going to be? So, in essence you really only get 10Gb of usage during your normal waking hours.

The Internet of today is not the same as it was in the early 1990s. Almost every page you access contains a ton of graphics, and a lot of streaming videos. Just surfing webpages can eat up a lot of your 10Gb. But let's say you like to watch a few videos off of YouTube. Guess what a few YouTube videos will do to your 10Gb. They eat it up real fast. Now let's say you "fell" for the DISH advertising about DISH Anywhere. That requires the use of your DISH Internet service and will quickly eat up your entire monthly usage of 10Gb in a couple of DISH Anywhere sessions lasting no more than an hour or two.

See this is the stuff they don't tell you during the "sales pitch" on the phone. But once you are signed up and they have your Credit Card number - you are screwed big time.

When you read the contract after you've signed it, only then do you become aware of how badly you've been taken in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

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Conroe, Texas, United States #838176


I know this has been frustrating for you and I am more than happy to help you get your DISH issues/questions resolved.

When a new customer wants our service and calls in we will go over the specials and provide them with the equipment and programming they want.

If they are interested in phone/Internet services will accommodate them with that as well.

We will check to see the best options for them and provide the details of what will be installed. Once all services are agreed upon we do provide your Legal Disclosures over the phone and if there was an active e-mail provided we will send out the customer agreement through there.

The way the Internet allotment breaks down is to provide better streaming during these times, Off-Peak 2am-8am and then the Anytime hours. We encourage our customers to monitor data usage and to delete cookies and cache; we also like them to visit secure WebPages as well.

To get better idea of what is going on with the account would you please e-mail me with the phone number on the account to better assist you? My e-mail is; michale.houston@dish.com.

Thanks. Mike Houston Social Media Representative DISH LLC.

to Mike.H_DISH Oak Creek, Wisconsin, United States #1224865

Dish is terrible. They do not and did not explain that there WIFI service is useless for streaming movies/videos etc.

Now, we are stuck in a contract that is essentially useless. It should be against the law for Dish to offer anything that sounds like internet services/wifi.

They should only be allowed to offer TV services.

to Anonymous Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1238176

dish is very bad the internet speed is not as advertise they just told me I need to upgrade GB to get faster speed. not tru at all

to Mike.H_DISH Albertville, Alabama, United States #1264589

I have dish equipment, I wouldn't call them a provider that would imply that the equipment works, I have called and called since the first day it was installed, your equipment doesn't work. I will say that although dish does not have EQ that works they are quick to blackmail you into taking the protection plan, remember my equipment was bad from day one and what are my options, buy the protection plan. I'm stuck with equipment that doesn't work, the good news is I'm only eight months away from turning it off, until then I tell everyone I can about dish and their service, whatever you do don't get dish, you are better off with rabbit ears.

to Anonymous Stroh, Indiana, United States #1265471

We just got Dish TV and Internet back in October. It has been nothing but garbage.

Complete tv service went out the same day it got installed, took them 4 days to send someone out to fix it, got reimbursed a big whopping $13.50 woohoo. Turned out the *** that installed it, used the old dish and eye that was already on our property from a previous owner and the eye was no good. The internet...that is an entirely other can of worms. Basically to sum it up...if I wanted dial up speeds I would have purchased much cheaper dial up service.

Not to mention I have now paid for 4 months of service and have only received 2 months of service, because for some reason they fail to restart my service on the 19th 2 months in a row. Oh and I cancelled my autopay because well I wanted to pay the bill 1 day late, because of holidays and the day it was due was the day because my payday. They took out the money anyway...and now guess who has to pay an overdraft fee??? I now try to turn the autopay back on and it wont let me turn it on (online) unless I pay the current months bill, which they already have taken out of my account after me cancelling autopay and costing me an overdraft.

When I get my taxes I am getting out of this crappy service.

Dish is a joke and should get shut down. The lady on the phone when I ordered my service told me "how wonderful their internet is....it's the type of internet the military uses!" Yea false advertising at its finest...not to mention they have breeched my contract by not giving me the service I have paid for!

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