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Dish Network is showing up on my credit report for a $500 cancellation fee. The problem is, I never had Dish Network, or any other satellite service for that matter, in my life.

The only connection I had ever had with this company was when they contacted me to make sure it was OK with me for my renter to hook up satellite service. I had no problem with that and told them it was OK if they drilled the hole in the wall as long as they caulked it back properly. Then came the ruse. "Mr Bengel we will just need your SSN to verify your identity and that you are the person on record as owning the property".

Like a dumb a** I gave it to him.

My first clue that something was wrong was when Thinline Collections showed up on my Credit Report for a $500 unpaid balance with Dish Network. I naively thought that I would just call the company and straighten this out. After a 50 phone calls I realized that they were trained to "not give in no matter what, and no matter the law". They are extorting me by holding my credit report hostage.

They told me, in order to correct the error and take this collections off my credit report, I would need to file an offical police report for identity fraud, shutting down all my accounts, credit cards, and who nows what else. Are they kidding me?!!! They are the ones who committed the fraud here, and now they require I file a police report?!!!! I'm thinking a lawsuit is more in order and would love to hear back from anyone who has attempted this route.

Did they clear your credit? Did the courts hear your case? How much damages were you awarded? etc Let's here all the details.

All I ever asked was for them to remove the fraudulent report from the credit bureau. I'm truly hoping to make them understand that this is not only a fraudulent business practice, but with a little help from the courts, I hope to teach them that it was also a bad business decision.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any advice or experience suing Dish Network.

Monetary Loss: $782.

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John Bengel,

I saw your post and would love to help with that! I can understand your concern and can take a look at the full situation if you could please email me your information. My email address is and I'll enjoy the opportunity to get that straightened and resolved for you as that's an issue we take seriously!

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