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Do not ever use the service of Dish Network. I am prime example of what will happen to you if you trust their lying and deceiving sales or Customer Loyalty agents. Here is how I have been tortured by Dish Network:

When I signed up I was never told that there was a contract. I was promised 3 month free HBO and Starz service but I never got it. I called them twice and once I was a customer they never bothered to give me what I was promised.

Next they without informing me signed me up for a $6/month service plan. When I called to check I was told that if I have any technical issues or when I relocate this charge will get me discounted service for $15. Now when I called them to move I was told that my fees will be $100 which is apparently discounted. I was LIED to atleast 3 times on phone when I called to cancel the service plan. Now suddenly pricing has changed.

I want to cancel my service but I was not notified that I signed up for a 24 month service so pay cancellation. I asked for documents confirming this and nothing in mail so far.

When they saw upset client they offered me a credit of $5/month for 3 months. But guess what - that did not show up in the bill either. One lie after another. One false promise after another.

Its amazing how Dish Network executives show up on TV claiming how they are all about customer service when all their agents do is lie, deceit, cheat and trouble their clients.

Dish Network should be ashamed of themselves. They shouldn't be making promises that they cannot fulfill. If you cant be honest to client then dont lie to them either. But these lessons were not taught to Dish Network agents.

In addition, I sent email to Dish Network CEO explaining him of what has happened with me and still no response from him. I am going to file official complaint against Dish Network with DCA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Plymouth, Minnesota, United States #1196970

I hate dish and cannot wait to cancel


A contract/agreement may only be reached after “full disclosure” by both parties of facts significant to the agreement. Without “informed consent” you cannot have a contract.

Report “Deceptive Advertising” to your state Attorney General’s office.

The AGs can monitor this company for noncompliance with a consumer complaint driven settlement from 2009 called the “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance”, AVC, which was signed on to by 46 state AGs.

The AGs retained the right to monitor for noncompliance and need to hear from consumers. SECTION 4.45 of the AVC: “DISH Network shall not bill a Consumer a cancellation, termination, and/or other fee in connection with the termination of DISH Network Services and/or the return of DISH Network Goods unless it can document that it has complied with the terms of its Agreement and any representations it has made to Consumers regarding DISH Network's and/or the Consumer's obligations with respect to cancellation or termination of DISH Network Services and/or the return of DISH Network Goods.”


I originally switched over to DISH, be DIRCTV was costing me 84$ a month. DISH was cheaper, money is TIGHT.

I finally broke down and bought HD TV last month. When I switched over to a HD receiver, I was aware of a ONE TIME charge and ( I hated this part) ANOTHER 2 YEAR CONTRACT! I am now finding out , AFTER THE FACT, that my monthly bill is going UP to 84$. I was NOT informed my monthly bill would rise that much.

This is a RIPOFF. This is dis-honest!

Unfortunately, We are all at the mercy of DISH and DIRECT and any other cable companies and you all take full advantage of that! SHAME ON YOU ALL!

If you going to screw me at least kiss me on the back of the neck!

Nashville, Arkansas, United States #626454

I called in my Dish Network bill by phone and by mistake I called in on my farm acct should have been on my personal bank account so the check came back they refused to talk to me about what I did and now for next 6 months I have to go down town and pay cash. I have been with dish 20 years but they said it didn't matter.

So where is the loyalty to me.

I am in business and I bend over backwards to accomodate my customers.


Customer Service is lousey. I paid $7 each month for the dish protection plan only to find out that I still had to pay $15 for a repair call.

I bit the bullet and scheduled a time, which was between 8:00 A.M. and 12:00 noon.

They could not even be bothered to show up. Never again, they are a bunch of inept crooks.


Customer Service is lousey. I paid $7 each month for the dish protection plan only to find out that I still had to pay $15 for a repair call.

I bit the bullet and scheduled a time, which was between 8:00 A.M. and 12:00 noon.

They could not even be bothered to show up. Never again, they are a bunch of inept crooks.


I also was lied to. I asked the phone agent three times to go over the package I wanted, equipment I wanted and then to tell me what the cost on a monthly basis would be.

He then said I had to listen to the disclosures so he went through all of them and I agreed. Lo and behold in checking the monthly billing I am to get it is $12.00 more than Bill promised it would be. He failed to tell me there was additional charges for rental of DVR and receiver. As well Dish advertising claims to be able to record one program and watch another at the same time.

Only true if the program you want to watch while recording another is a pre-recorded program.

No live TV on another channel while recording. That's intentional deciet.


Dish Network Corporation

9601 South Meridian Blvd

Englewood, CO 80112

Dish Network Corporation defrauded my Senior Citizen Father, in an Organized Scam using deceptive trade practices. I’m trying my best as a son to protect my father from the Dish Network Scam by helping him in complaints and dealings from him being a further victim of Dish Network Scam and related issues.

In July, August of 2010 through misleading Marketing ads and deception, Dish Network and Authorized Dealers targeted my Retired Senior Citizen Father, in good standing within our community and a longtime Time Warner cable customer for their Promotion of $24.99 / month for Americas Top 120 channels (for 12 months) and the remaining 12 months the price being locked in at $39.99,(Copy of Ad available) in joining them by signing under Undue influence a contract AFTER the Dish system WAS INSTALLED and pressure inserted towards my father in signing. Complaint was made on that day to the authorized dealer retailer of Dish Network and Dish Network .The original verbal agreement was done on August 19th 2010 the day before with the for the promotion with payment made. The contract was backdated by pressure from the Dish Authorized installer since my senior citizen father was mislead in signing the local authorized Dish Retailers workorder copy also which signed under undue influence which pressured himin signing the other copy. No signed copy was also given on the day and recieved from Dish later in the mail after complaint. (transcripts /documentation/other evidence available only for criminal proceedings and court order). Dish Network Corporation was fully aware of this act which was the backbone to their future criminal activity against my father.

On January 5th, 2011 As a new customer, under this promotion, contacted Dish Network for advice as their client and new customer if there was any option that he could freeze account by holding it while we were on vacation( a Hindu Pilgrimage in India), and resuming it when we got back. Dish Network advised on Dish Pause as the best option, stating that it would only cost us $5.00 monthly charge for Dish Pause duration. The account would remain active and resume back when we returned. (Transcripts available). (NOTE: dish Network did not advise, that it would forfeit our $24.99 rate and our lock in rate for the remaining 24 months of resumed service). They knowingly omitted this key piece of information.

On March 11th, 2011 Contacted Dish Network for resuming services and shockingly find out that previous promotion was forfeited due to Disk Pause and the terms of the promotion had been changed. His monthly bill now was almost doubled from 24.99 now to 44.99 for Americas top 120 package.

We Protested to Dish Network why they did not disclosed to us on January 5th. They were apologetic but the situation was not resolved. They did not resume my original service due to the situation not being resolved. (Transcripts available)

On March 12th, 2011 Again Contacted Dish Network in verifying and stating his original pricing before service is resumed, the issue was resolved and his original service was resumed at that original promotional pricing of America top 120 package that he had before. (Transcript available).

On April 6th, 2011 After checking the bill and noticing that prices were doubled and overcharged. They have removed 24.99 monthly price ($15.00 remaining monthly credits from the $39.99 per month) and started charging $44.99 per monthly charge, plus advanced monthly charge for the same amount which is locked in for the remaining term of the 24 months of the promotional months without the promotional pricing that he had signed up for. He Contacted Dish Network. They stated that his original agreed upon promotional price was forfeited. Again complained and protested. (Transcripts available) related to the current dispute of overcharged billing and what the current bill should be. Also advised them that the future automatic withdrawals if not corrected with the promotional pricing that was agreed upon will also be overcharged and be in dispute every month.

On April 9th, 2011 Sent a letter of Complaint to Dish Network, and their Corporate Officers via email system. (email transcript available)

On April 9th 2011 Received short email back from Dish Network stating that the complaint has been addressed however Dish did not give any proper explanation in their deceptive trade practices against senior citizen consumer in wrongfully charging. (Email transcripts available)

Since then till now, Dish Network is continuing to violate my Senior Citizen Father and enslave him with a bogus contract of August 20th with their wrongful practices while stealing from his Account. Complaints were made to the FTC, BBB, and Attorney Generals as well as the Credit Card Company. Dish Network, Corporate Policymakers/ employees seem to operate with Immunity from any serious federal / state criminal Prosecution. My Senior Citizen father's Rights were violated; He is a victim and is continuing to suffer in health and welfare due to Dish Networks Scam. He is a responsible consumer we have done everything reasonable to resolve the dispute. The Corporation has received only "slap" on the wrist from previous federal and state litigation and settlement. I pray for sincere stronger punitive action that results in criminal conviction for the policymakers at the highest corporate level in the Dish Network organization in this fraudulent racket. Also since this is a public corporation, and behalf of Investors and the public I hope the SEC also takes action for them violating their public status. I hope also the Department of Justice Civil Rights unit takes action to investigate my father’s civil rights being violated. I also hope the FCC takes action for the Dish Networks proxy Internet Sites use deception against consumers including complaints. I expect the Government using all tools necessary including the Rico Act under organized crime to prosecute the Corporate Executive Officers / employees in criminal prosecution. I hope also Consumer/Government Advocacy Organizations/ Pro-Bono Legal Councilors to defend and protect Senior Citizen / Minority Consumers from predator corporations such as Dish Network from any fraudulent and deceptive trade practices from their current, past and future actions. This is organized Crime perpetrated by Dish Network Corporation / their associates and their policy directed by their corporate officers. The company is getting away with wrongdoings against my father and many other consumers.

BTW: DISH NETWORK EMPLOYEES : I Wish for more Dish employee whistleblowers to become STATE AND FEDERAL WITNESSES in Criminal Prosecution cases against the Dish Network and Corporate Policymakers who commit fraud against the American Public.


I would be more than happy to assist you in any way that I can. You can reach me via email at

Becki Barned

DISH Network Customer Service

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