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I have been a DISH customer for 12 days and when I got the service I asked if they had a DVR that worked for the whole house. They said no so I took what they had to offer.

After getting my service I heard a commercial for the the Hopper, a whole home DVR. So I called to get the service and because I'm an existing client (of 12 days) I can't get it for free. I have called and talked to supervisors and emailed the CEO lets see if anything happens.

They did offer me $100 off the $500 but I don't think it's fair. My recommendation is don't get DISH, their customer service is awful.

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Why would you even sign up for service when they didn't even have what you wanted? And now your in a 2yr commitment which if you do decide to cancel you can be hit with up to $420 canellation fee.

I bet you didn't read your contract you signed or someone in your home signed..If you say you never signed it dish keeps the paper work on file and will send you a copy. And for new customer promotions expire in a yr in 2013 is when there wil be a price increase on programming.. i use to work for dish 4yrs till i got those of there b/s they treat there employees like *** there just a money hungry company..

Fyi the new ceo is jpe clayton.. when


The promo code is 61707, I apologize.


If you guys want 100 off your installation fee, you can call saveology network the authorized dealer at 877 650 9841. Use promo code to get 100 dollars off.


It does sound very frustrating, Reed8312. I can understand your concern.

At the time you signed up service, we had no solid information our Hopper system. It would be a cost for you since you had just signed up service, however it is still subsidized from the total price it costs to install the system.

You can reach me at if you have any questions about the account. Keep in mind our promotions are always changing, so you can definitely check back at a later time and see if anything else is available.

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative


For what asking for Dish to hold up their end of the agreement? Respond to feedback? WOW


You sir, are an ***.

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