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I keep having the same issue with the satellite.The channels keep going out. The message keeps saying partial signal loss.Have had a technician out on several occasions and they keep doing the same things,adjusting or moving the dish and the problem keeps recurring. DISH NETWORKS only response is to send a technician out to do the same thing over and over!Talking to them on the phone is useless.they do not listen toanything you try to tell them.They are coming again tomorrow and they do not resolve it,I wil be switching to Directv service.Anything has to be better than dish!

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I'd be happy to help you with that! The Hopper is the only receiver of all three of those that has tuners.

Specifically, it has three. Something to keep in mind is that recordings have priority over watching live TV, so if a recording is going on, it needs to complete itself before live TV can be watched on that same tuner.

You can press the red hot key on the remote to view what each of the three tuners is currently doing. I hope that helps and if you have any questions, please email me at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can assist further!

DanB@Dish Network

I can completely understand your frustration. If the issue is still persisting I will be happy to help you.

As DISH Pro mentioned issues like this can also be in the grounding or the LNBF, or even in the cabling itself.

Sometimes the issue may be so slight that it is hard to detect. Please email me for further assistance.


Starting to hate the DISH! I have the hopper and 2 joeys and when my husband records something, I can't watch another channel.

Very frustrating!

Plus it changes whatever channel I am watching to switch it to whatever he's recording. What is the point in having that if you can't watch something else while recording another channel?


Tell the tech to replace the LNB (the eyes of the dish) also replace the ground block, diplexer and all connectors. That should fix your problem. Oh, make sure the system is properly grounded.

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