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I called dish network for my father (who is in a ankle brace). His bedroom TV (upstairs) was not working.

My father spoke to "Rome" (agent 1ZP) and gave him full authorization to speak to me. I walk upstairs after telling the rep the whole problem he asks me random questions (did you unplug and plug the unit back in, is the cable plugged in, what model is the unit, etc etc etc) Then he asks for my father again - My father gives him full authorization to speak to me but the rep would not accept this. He asks my father to go up and get the "R00" number. My father refuses and sends me up.

When I get upstairs the Dish rep tells me to go and get a pen write the number down and have my father give it to him. After I told him I am not going back downstairs to get a pen! He would not accept the number. I asked repeatedly to speak to a manager.

I had to go to my father again and once again my father gave him full authorization to speak to me. At this point he tried to make me run a 20 minute test that I already ran twice. I told him no that has already been checked- He turns around and sets an appointment for a physical check. Then tries to ignore the fact that I asked to speak to a manager.

After waiting 5 minutes on hold a "manager" named "Fred" picks up the phone and tells me "sorry it must be a misunderstanding. I told "Fred" since he is a manager he should go and teach his employee instead of just saying sorry to me. Fred turns around and hangs up the phone on me. Both of the individuals had a heavy Filipino accent - Not sure if this a outsourced tech support to the Phillipines?

But the rudeness and complete lack of care was unbelievable! I am a restaurant and retail manager and deal with customer complaints on a regular basis and try not to complain but this is over the limit!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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"Flower" and "ANONYMOUS" you both wouldn't happen to BE the very people working at the call center in the Philippines.....would you!? LMAO!

Portland, Oregon, United States #1227584

First of all, the ( random questions) are very important to know what is the problem, second testing the signal and switch is important to even if it takes time, still very important, third if he has an accent or not he is working for his money and doing his job,, stop being rude to customer service they are to help not to be your slaves.




Same thing, very rude Jessica #405 and MJ #NUU. Said they were in Minila, Philippines on East Wood Ave. They are not part of Dish but a third party call center.


I just had the same problem. Called because I had received a mailing about Dish's internet I called to ask about adding internet service and could barely understand the person who answered.

She said she was located in the Philippines. The outsourcing to the Philippines is very concerning.

I'm definitely not adding internet and am thinking about exploring switching everything away from Dish.

to Anonymous Para, Paranaque, Philippines #1165641

just so you know sir/mam... Almost every cable company has their contact centers outsourced to the phils...

Comcast, uverse, dish as you know... Even banks, american express, capital one and suntrust, jpmorgan chase...

Att, verizon, tmobile... So basically, if you'll try to switch to a different company just because you dont like speaking with a filipino, naaahhhh.


Very upset that Dish outsourced its customer service to the Philippines. Recently had to do battle with operators in Manila.

One of them said she was in the Midwest. When challenged she admitted to being in the Philippines. I asked to be transferred to U.S. agents but when I was ready to sign up they transferred me back to the Philippines.

I can't understand a word they are saying. I asked to speak to a supervisor who was worse than the first operator. The rep in the U.S.

said there's no use in complaining, that Dish is a billionaire dollar business and won't care what the customer says. :cry :sigh :cry


These *** are outsourcing our much needed jobs to the freaking Phillipines. Most of them can't even speak proper english and they are rude.

I have been with Dish for over 15 years and I must say that it is time for us to part ways.

The greedy pigs will not get another penney from me. GOT THAT!

to DISH NETWORK YOU ARE FIRED Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #940003

I've quit them for them same reason!



Was that your way of acting like you care? If you are proactive in customer service locate these two individuals in your call center and write them up.



Hello! my name is Daniel Busa with Dish Network's customer service department.

I would like to apologize for the way you were treated, most of our call centers are in America. However, we do have a few call centers overseas, we do have strict guidelines and procedures.

If you ever feel mistreated in the future, try to obtain an operator ID number. We are proactive in customer service and like to put an end to negative experiences immediately.

to DanB@Dish Network #1125285

Hi DanB. I'm an employee at dish in Alvin Texas and we just found out they are closing our call center down.

Come to find out they have opened new call centers in mexico and the Philippines. 550 American employees are being replaced with foreign agents. As a retention agent, I get calls from customers all the time that say they cant understand the Philippine agents and that they always mess up their accounts. What you said about Dish having more call centers in America is completely untrue.

Maby it was true when you wrote it, but now we have 11 call centers (10 now after closing the Alvin center) and about 16 in the Philippines.

Its pretty obvious we are being replaced with foreign agents and eventually they will probably move all of it overseas. Philippine agents are only paid about $1 an hour.

to Anonymous #1458476

this is so true. we are paid $1 per hour lol

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