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We ended up getting behind a bit with Dish Network about 2 weeks ago. Dish Network disconnected our service.

We called Dish Network to find out how much we owed them. Was told we owed $109.00 and that would have our service reconnected and would then be current. Came home today and found our service was once again disconnected. Called Dish Network Customer Service again, and was told that we owe ANOTHER $109.00 NOW to restore our service.

After only 2 weeks??? They REFUSE to work with us and offer any sort of resolution. I told them to come out TOMORROW and get their dish and receiver out of my house. Also told them that I will never do business with them, and that I will be posting my experience with them online, and that they will not receive one more penny from us.

Told my wife that if they don't show up tomorrow to get their equipment, I'm taking it to a pawn shop to see what I can get for it. If they think I'm paying off the rest of my contract term, I guess they can sue me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

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Anyone who reads this. I recently cancelled Dish and I do PC work for a living.

There is a free open source program called XBMC you can put on a cheap computer and hook that pc to your tv. You tube XBMC set up. Basically its an open source program to make a PC into a home theater PC and it is free and has basically every movie and TV show ever made almost, and it also has addons for music as well. Its like a really beefed up Netflix.

If you get XBMC and Netflix it costs 8.00 a month and you get so much stuff to watch its unreal.

I really dont know why anyone buys cable ot sattelite anymore. If you read this look into XBMC and HULU and NETFLICKS and drop your 100 dollar a month BS TV Bill


If anyone reads this, Dish has good customer service until you get there service. Once you get there service they could give a *** to help you with anything.

If you want another receiver it will cost you an arm and a leg, until you get so pissed that you call to cancel then they ask you what the issue is and what they can do to keep you. They need to act like that in the first place not after you already decided to cancell


Dish has the worst service I have ever seen I had paid to get my services connected and 2 weeks later they disconnected my service again sayin I paid for the month before which I never recieved. Dish network are theives DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!


I was quoted $64.99 a month for a year. It's been not even a full 3 month since I signed up and I was billed $114.05.


The service doesn't even work, no audio and rhe 800# isn't helpful. Dish is a scam, as soon as I can I'm going back to DirectTv



I'm sorry to hear that you've had a poor experience with our service and would be delighted to take down your feedback! We hated to have seen you go and I would look forward to speaking you further if you could please email me your phone number so I can at least take a look at your account information to find out all that happened with that. My email address is and I will enjoy the opportunity to help you get this straightened out!


florida resident,

I'd be happy to help you with your concern as I found it interesting! Please keep in mind that Dish Pause is available for up to six months at a time, at the end of which time, the programming will automatically be restored to normal.

I would be happy to review your account for you and see what I can do if you could please email me your account number. My email address is and it will be a pleasure assisting you further with this to get it cleared up!

to MikeL DISH #681609

You say you would be happy to review my account for me and see wha tyou can do? NO THANK YOU!

I NEVER needed ya'll to work with me, I paid my bill every month on time, ya'll saw that and still turned it off, To late for any of ya'll to look at my account, it will no help because I have already went to direct tv and I am a very satisfied customer and will continue to stay with direct tv! PLUS I left ya'll over a year ago and your just now wanting to look at my account???

Seriously??? NO THANK YOU!


YES! It's True!

Dish Network does SUCK! and Very unprofessional !!! I have never been late on my bill with Dish Network and they have cut my service off twice..I have to call them Every month to have them take the 6.00 maintenance plan my bill. I had a zero balance and they said I owed 10.00 and cut me off and then told me just 2 days ago after turning my svc off again, that I owed 107.00 for a box they sent to me UPS and I hadn't sent the old one back yet because I had just gotten it after my bill was sent out to me.

Needless to say I went back to Direct TV where I should have stayed in the first place. I will never deal with Dish Network again and will let everyone else that I run into how really awful Dish Network really is.

Doesn't matter what they come back and say from this post because they are liars and don't believe a word they say! I grade them a big fat "F"


customer service is worst I'VE HAD EVER /OVER PRICE took a vacation for a month called to

check on a vacation hold for that month, they said no problem returned they said we canceled and charged us over $300 they take advanage of

anything they can



I can definitely see why you would be frustrated. When an account is disconnect, the billing cycle continues. We usually require the minimum payment to be restarted, but we suggest the full balance is paid to avoid service being re-disconnected.

Since this would require looking at the account, if you would like me to check this out you can send me an email at

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative

to TommyF@DISH Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #707785

I've been with Dishnet for years and recently had Dish internet installed. I have had no problems with the TV service, but getting the bundle setup has taken me all evening.

It should be more customer friendly and easier to deal with, I'm a tech support guy and this was overly complicated to 'bundle' my TV, Internet, and phone line (the customer service lady said everyone has the same problem setting up a bundle acct). I'm thinking seriously about not watching TV anymore and reading a book instead.

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