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I have a major problem with Dish Network. Their installer destroyed a large storm window on the rear of my house on or about October 27. I have been jerked around by the installer and by Dish. Calls to a "Lela" in their Damage dept. take a minimum of a week if not 10 days to be returned. I have actually talked to her maybe twice since this started. Calls to her supervisor have gone un-returned. The installer has come up with every excuse he can. He called one company and told them the glass needed to be repaired even after I told him the frame was damaged beyond repair. Basically, I've called them at least 6-7 times, emailed the installer and spoke to him 6-8 times. Nothing has been done yet. I've been stuck with a broken storm window for about three months, which is unacceptable. This is a custom window, probably $500-600 to replace.

I called them today and went through three people, finally getting to a "Customer Service Supervisor". I gave them two options, either suspend my billing until they replaced my window or terminate my agreement. He stated he would terminate my account, but I would be charged about $300 for early termination. I told him I would not pay it and would take legal action if they attempted to do so. He said my only option was to speak to the Damage Dept. I told him I was through with those people, that it took two weeks to get a return call and the supervisor NEVER returned my call. I told him I refused to speak with this "Lela" person any further as she is incompetent.

I told him I would only speak to a real person in the Damage Dept. No more un-responsive minions as I have been dealing with in the past with zero results. He said that was all he could do and he would process my termination and I would get the fees. I told him I would not pay the fees as they are in breach of the contract by damaging my home and not fixing it. He said it was not his issue, that I had to work with the damage dept. I asked him sarcastically what was so hard to understand about how I had been treated by the damage dept and he didn't reply. At that time I informed him I had recorded my conversations and would use this in my defense. He informed me I could not record the conversation because he had not given consent. I informed him in the State of Georgia, I didn't need his consent. At that time he terminated the call and hung up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Wagram, North Carolina, United States #1326799

my complaint is with dish net work. The dish service tech destroyed my sewer lines and covered the north end of my house with mud.

Than when I filed a damage claim David Barnes; really Barnes was the guys last name. David refused payment and stopped excepting calls from me.


send an update if you sue and who you actualy filed the claim on to help me out. My attourney is 175 an hour but I am willing to lose money just to make them pay for the damages.


I get the same thing! They cut a tree down that was blocking the dish admitted that they did it and later said no we didn't!

I don't think they care.

Damage claims is just a way to get you to work with someone who is there to make sure they are not relable even if it is obvious. I am trying to figure out how to get them in small claims court right now problem is they are in a different state and send minions out to do work and when you call them you get the run around.

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