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Dish is a joke when it comes to customer service. I initially signed up for their service at a lake house I bought because they were the only provider in the area. After having service for 2 months the lake house was determined a safety hazard so I had to take the seller to court to return the money that I paid for the house. Everything worked out there then I called dish. Because of being in a contrat they would not turn off service without incurring a ton of fees. Well within a couple months I bought another house and decided would just transfer the dish service to that home and ride out the contract.

I have 5 months left and can't waitbto get out of their contract. This week they decided that 2 of my 3 receivers "didn't give them information that they needed" whatever that means. So they disabled them. I get home after having been out of the country for 2 weeks just wanting to relax and enjoy being home, and find that my receiver that is in the living room is disabled and after calling dish and talking to Shaniqua and her manager, understand from dish that they can onlyaddress this during working hours. So here I am without service writing on one of many complaint boards about dish. What a joke for customer service!

Needless to say I just place an order with Time Warner Cable. They may cost more but they have great customer service which is worth the extra $$$ to me.

Monetary Loss: $4800.

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Hello. My name is Becki, with DISH Network. I would be happy to review your account and see what happened here. You can reach me via email at becki.barned@dishnetwork.com. Thank you!

Becki Barned

DISH Network Customer Service

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