In my opinion:

First of all, I have never much liked Dish Network. Trying to get a straight answer from their reps over the phone, about the cost of features for example, has always been difficult. One gets different answers depending on the rep to whom one speaks. And, of course, on gets ones share of reps with East Indian accents so think one cannot understand anything they say.

They rent their receivers but, when a receiver fails to work, the customer has to pay to have it fixed.

They sold HD service on the basis of offering VOOM networks, which had Equator, one of the few HD channels worth watching just for the HD, then they dropped all of the VOOM network channels and misrepresented the HD replacement channels they offered instead.

They charge for local channels, whereas most other TV services include them for no extra charges.

They claim that weather is not a factor in service. That is a lie. With almost any type of thunderstorm the service goes out.

They offer rebates which are typically mail-in or redemption type and they use them to try to screw customers. Mail-in rebates in general are offered because companies know that many customers will not actually take the trouble to mail in the forms, and, if they do, the companies hired to process these forms will drag out the return and make it so difficult that customers will give up. I have read that 90% or mail-in rebates are never paid.

In terms of one of their promotions, the so-called Dishin-It-Up promotion, they claim that they will give a *one time* credit for a certain amount, typically a $100.00 return. In my case, they delayed this for months despite my having sent in the redemption form immediately by mail. A redemption form was sent in by me in January 2008. The $100 rebate is supposed to have been given within 4 to 6 weeks. That would be by March or April. Nevertheless, I never received a one-time rebate, and it wasn't until August 2008 that they agreed to credit $10 per month off the monthly bill for 10 months. I strongly suspect that this is what they do to many if not all customers. They have you in an 18 month contract. If you terminate before that time, you pay $13.33 per month for an early termination fee. Furthermore, because of their lies about a *one time* credit, and because they start the $10 per month payments late, if you terminate even after one year, you will lose a part of the rebate you were entitled to as well as paying the early termination fee.

I plan to cancel Dish Network. I plan never to do business with them again. Although it will likely do no good, I plan also to write the local BB and the Missouri attorney general about this company. In my humble opinion they are as crooked and as worthless as the day is long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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i support you i am contacting the BBB they are scammers they need to be stopped


I support and concur with everything Anonymous has to say. To sum it up politely: Dish Suctions! Moreover, I am particularly perturbed at the high monthly fees Dish charges their established customers when they offer folks right off the street a sweet $28/mo fee for the services I pay a hundred hard earned dollars for every stinkin' month.

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