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My fiance add dish tv 4 days ago then asked for children cartoons like disney jr or nick jr she said that the packet has that channel now we check none the channel we want is not there.Its a lie. Nick jr and Disney Jr, are 24 hours baby cartoons for 7 days; other channel like nick, nickecoloan, disney, xd, cn is for 8 yrs old kids to up not for babies or toddler. Now we want to add we had to change the packet.After 4 days, suppose is not been a...
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I was a customer of dish latino for about 2 years, then they removed channel 13 (fox sports, that particular channel was in my initial contract, so, I decided to terminate the contract with them and they charged me for an early termination, but they were the ones who brake off the contract first.....when I call them to ask why they removed the channel I was told that they were disputing the contract with who ever was the owner of the mentioned...
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Anonymous Yes, it's been resolved by myself.......I will never be a Dish Latino customer again.....

Dish Network Dishlatino Tv Package Review

Muy mala experiencia *** Dish latino, cancele mi servicio de internet y aunque regrese los equipos a tiempo me los están cobrando, me están robando mi dinero